Frances Ha goes west (let's get a drink!)
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Wed September 9 at 7:00 PM, Mahoney & Sons
Vancouver Convention Centre West Building, 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C, Canada (Map & Directions)
Hey guys! I made a somewhat irrational decision to swap Brooklyn for Vancouver next week, and I can't wait. Would love to meet some local MeFites! Anybody down to grab a drink between Sunday, Sept 6 and Sat the 12th? I've never been to your beautiful city before, so I'll probably take all of your recommendations as gospel.
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Hi Jessca84, which Vancouver? The one on the WA State border to the North, or the one on the WA State border to the South? Hope it's the one in Vancouver BC :)
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I'm betting Vancouver, BC is the default Vancouver. I haven't been to a meetup in a long time. Sounds like fun and I would be up for it depending on the day.
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Yes, Vancouver, BC. :) Waiting to board my flight now, woohoo.

When are you guys free? With the exception of some remote work stuff, I've left this week wide open. It's my favorite way to travel.
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Tomorrow I am heading to Victoria, which is on Vancouver Island. Vancouver, by contrast, is not on Vancouver Island. Yes, this is a wacky place. I'll be back late Monday.

Anyway, Wednesday or Thursday are probably the best nights for me, with Tuesday not out of the question. Maybe Saturday the 12th if you are still here that day.
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Wednesday and Thursday are my days off. I'd be in for doing something on those days/nights.

The best way to see Vancouver, when it's not lashing rain, is via bike. I'd be pleased to show you the around the waterfronts of this town, this way, if you want BTW, Frances.
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Hey! I've never been able to make it to a Mefi meet before, but would totally like to come out to one! Wednesday is great for me, but could do something Thursday depending on time/location too.
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Crippling social anxiety has managed to come up with excellent reasons to skip previous meets but this sounds fun. My schedule's a little up in the air this week but I will keep meta in mind.
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OK, how about Wednesday at 7pm, Mahoney & Sons at Canada Place (Burrard Landing)? Good transit access (train or bus) and if we get lucky on weather great mountain views from the patio for our out of town guest.
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Cosine, that was true of me as well until the last Vancouver meetup, which was excellent. You're in good company.
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Wednesday at 7 is good for me. See y'all there.
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***UPDATE: Whoa. This event is now official. Can't wait to meet you guys!***

(If you can't make Wednesday, I'd still love to meet you! Fee free to MeMail me -- especially if you love Asian food of every variety. It's supposed to be amazing here, and I'm going to eat it all.)
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So I'm going to try to get off work early enough on Wed to be able to make it. Hopefully I don't get stuck in a late meeting, because I'd much rather hang out with everyone here!

And, locations: bowline suggested the Mahoney and Sons at Canada Place, but the map shows their Stamps Landing location. I'm assuming that's a mistake, and we're really meeting at Canada Place? (They're both lovely locations, but Canada Place is much easier to get to on transit.)
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Oh whoa, there's another Mahony & Sons in Olympic Village? Are folks cool with that one, or should we stick to the original at Canada Place?
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Re: transit accessibility, I think they're pretty equal, though ultimately that depends heavily on where people are coming from.
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I updated the address. We're meeting at the Canada Place location!
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I am totally going to try not to be an antisocial lurker and come meet everyone... Will there be a sign? Should I wear a sign? Are we making signs? (Clearly I've never attempted to attend one of these.)
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I'll make something with Metafilter on it and make sure it's visible on the table. Also I'll go put my phone number on my profile for today - feel free to call or text if you can't find us.
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Much appreciated bowline.
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Can't wait!!!! If you're on the fence, please come. :)
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So for anyone who hasn't been to this place: it's at the Vancouver Convention Centre west building (the gorgeous one with the eco-roof), along the water. There's a pedestrian-and-bicycle path leading down from the street, at the northeast corner of which is a sculpture that looks like a giant blue water droplet, and the entrance is right next to that.
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Oh, too bad. I see that the location has been changed, to an area downtown where I just won't risk locking my bike. I'll have to miss this one.
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I have a table on the north side of the outdoor patio. I'm in a pink shirt and the mefi logo is facing the mountains. PBoy if you change your mind there are places to lock your bike where you will be 10' away and able to watch it. Table is good for 4-5 people - if the "maybe" turnout is high we can move.
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We are now inside.
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Thank you so much for coming out, everyone! (And for schooling me on Canadian politics.) I had a fantastic time and hope you did too.
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Thanks everyone. Thanks jessca84 for providing the impetus. Very pleasant evening.
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