GABF week beer drinking session
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Wed September 23 at 7:00 PM, Diebolt Brewery
3855 Mariposa St, Denver, CO, USA (Map & Directions)
The Great American Beer Festival is Sept. 24-26. The week preceding is usually a great one to drink beer in Denver, with all kinds of special events, guest taps, etc. We can figure out a specific day, time and place as the week draws nearer. Who's in?
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I'll have a better handle on my schedule closer to the dates, but I'd be down.
posted by Gygesringtone at 12:35 PM on August 26, 2015

I'll be around for wonderful Denver drinking!
posted by craven_morhead at 7:30 AM on August 27, 2015

Brilliant. Count me in. I've got something scheduled Wednesday the 23rd, so here's a vote against that day, but Monday and Tuesday both work for me.
posted by McBearclaw at 8:14 AM on August 27, 2015

Definitely interested - It's probably right before I fly outta town, so who knows, but I might make it 24th or 25th.
posted by brennen at 8:44 AM on August 27, 2015

Hell yeah. No strong preferences on day, though I'd prefer not to bail on table tennis on Sunday or Thursday in favor of drinking.

Which reminds me I need to suggest a meetup at Ace sometime.
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The 27th is our anniversary, but I think the husband and I would try to make it out to this if it's not that day.
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I don't drink but It's been rumored that occasionally I'll eat food. I don't think I have anything scheduled that weekend, AND I do work near Larimer so there is a possibility I could make this.
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Perhaps, not too picky on dates.
posted by Confess, Fletch at 2:11 PM on August 27, 2015

Yeah -- would love it. Any dates should be ok I think.
posted by NailsTheCat at 9:03 PM on August 27, 2015

No, this Ace! But that's another meetup.
posted by asperity at 8:15 AM on August 28, 2015

Oh, I've got a gig that Friday (at a brewery, even, but I don't know that it's GABF related), so that night won't work for me.

This might be fun. Diebolt is probably my favorite of the new breweries I've tried lately, it's certainly the most unique. Denver Beer Co's stuff has been consistently really good too, I haven't tried Factotum though.
posted by Gygesringtone at 8:35 AM on August 28, 2015

I've been not that impressed with Denver Beer Co. But there is a great set of breweries in the 5 points/River North neck of the woods (Beryl, Stem Ciders, Epic, Spangalang, Ratio, River North, Great Divide) that would make for a great walking tour.
posted by craven_morhead at 9:32 AM on August 28, 2015

River North is moving out really soon, alas.
posted by deludingmyself at 2:46 PM on August 28, 2015

I am so in! It's not a dealbreaker or anything, but I'd prefer to avoid downtown, as parking is such a shitshow. Unless there's some kind of doable parking nearby, that is.
posted by zeusianfog at 4:21 PM on August 29, 2015

So this one no longer shows up on the proposed list for me, but hopefully people can still see it. Here is the latest list of GABF week events per Westword. If we want to stay out of downtown and to the preferred days, it sounds like Thursday the 24th might work? Maybe the tap takeover at Denver Bicycle Cafe?
posted by Clustercuss at 12:54 PM on September 10, 2015

Ooo, that sounds awesome (Sun King!) but Thursday's the Destihl tap takeover at the Glendale World of Beer, and I really want to hit that one. Too many events.
posted by asperity at 1:27 PM on September 10, 2015

Asperity -- I'm down for World of Beer, unless you'd rather keep that separate and do the MeFi sesh another day?
posted by Clustercuss at 1:56 PM on September 10, 2015

The more the merrier, though downside is WOB is probably louder than Bicycle Cafe? (Haven't been there, so that's just a guess.) I could try to get us a couple of the tables in the back corner that are a bit quieter if I get there early enough, which wouldn't be hard.

That said, so many events and places and other people probably have other ideas, too! I won't be driving regardless so don't much care where we go parking-wise.
posted by asperity at 3:08 PM on September 10, 2015

Oh, Brewtally Insane's got a somewhat easier to read GABF calendar, though it looks like it's missing a few from Westword (and vice versa).
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I just saw that Lowdown is hosting 3 Floyds that Thursday, and they have lots of parking. Hoping some other folks will chime in with their preferences.
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I question the need for parking when we're drinking beer, but I do miss 3 Floyds!
posted by asperity at 11:19 AM on September 12, 2015

I know none of these places but am willing to show up at any of them.
posted by Confess, Fletch at 6:06 PM on September 12, 2015

So, it looks like Wed. and Thursday nights or any time Sat are the times work for me, but other than that I have no preferences.
posted by Gygesringtone at 7:24 PM on September 12, 2015

Just went to the bicycle cafe Sunday and loved it. Cap. Hill works fine for me. The need for parking is that I'll have a designated driver and probably won't get more than tipsy anyway.
posted by zeusianfog at 1:07 PM on September 14, 2015

Sorry to leave out McBearclaw, but it looks like Wednesday is the best night for the majority? I will go ahead and confirm that later today if I get a few yeas and no strong nays. Maybe we could start with the Sunnyside Beer Walk and end up at Avanti or Hops and Pie if the mood strikes? Say 6:30 or 7 start time? I somehow didn't realize this was coming up so fast!
posted by Clustercuss at 8:30 AM on September 15, 2015

Awesome. My main thought was "I'm too much of a hermit, I should go to whatever's planned" so .... yep, I'll be there.
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Ms. Morhead and I are attending Lookingglass Alice that night, so we're out. But I'm planning to make it down to the Wazee Supper Club on Friday; my buddy is launching a brewery (Good River) and they're doing a release party there. So, swing by if you're still around and looking for beery things to do.
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Rewil - looking forward to meeting you! That goes for all of y'all!
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Hi all -- just trying to get a head count for tonight. I will be at Diebolt at 7, wearing a dark gray T-shirt with the Colorado flag logo surrounded by the names of breweries in the state. I'm 5'9 with dark hair. Looking forward to it
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I've got to cover a co-worker with a sick kid tonight, but I work pretty close by and should be done by 8:15-8:30 so might be able to catch the tail end of things. If someone could post updates as the group relocates I'd appreciate it.
posted by Gygesringtone at 10:48 AM on September 23, 2015

I'll be there. My partner may or may not show later. See you soon!
posted by asperity at 4:38 PM on September 23, 2015

Gah. Work has eaten my prospects of leaving Boulder County for this evening, so I guess I'm out. Have fun, everybody.

(FWIW, it seems like I will be at the GABF itself from noon-4 or thereabouts on Saturday, if anybody happens to be around.)
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I'm at diebolt at a 4 top by the water cooler. Text for updates 303 478 8738. Joined by Asperity as I was typing
posted by Clustercuss at 5:54 PM on September 23, 2015

Looks like we're heading to Los Carboncitas to find a food.
posted by rewil at 7:39 PM on September 23, 2015

That was great fun. Thanks for organizing, Clustercuss!
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