cortex and Secretariat in New Orleans!
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Thu August 27 at 8:00 PM, Bellocq
Lee Circle, Lee Circle, New Orleans, LA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey, NOLA-proximate mefites! Me and my wife are headed your way soon on the drive home to Portland, and we'd love to get together on Thursday Aug. 27th in New Orleans. Let's do Bellocq at 8!
We'll be staying at a Le Pavillon near Poydras and Baronne Weds. and Thurs., and something walkable from there would probably be ideal but we're down with whatever.

Also happy to hear suggestions for stuff to see while we're in town, though I'm guessing there's no real shortage there.
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I have flaked out on several IRL events now, so I'm more than happy to throw my 'maybe' into the hat.

If you want walkable from Poydras and Baronne ... well, you'll have to specify what kind of place you want to see. My personal preference would be Bellocq but that's darker and more posh and with fancy cocktails crafted by experienced hands. If you want a total dive bar we can head over to Chuck's. I think I've heard you've been there before. If you want anything in-between then we've got all that too.

This city kind of shuts down during August so all your fun stuff to see will probably end up being indoors. I don't know much about what you're into so I'll just start with listing the insectarium, pharmacy museum, and aquarium as things within walking distance that should have AC.
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Well, if you're looking to eat fancy while you're here, Coolinary New Orleans is going on. Many of the mid to upscale restaurants offer a three course dinner for $30 or a two course lunch for $20.
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A second vote for Bellocq. It's wonderful and intimate.
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I'd be happy to put in a third vote for Bellocq.
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Bellocq sounds good to me! What time works best for people?
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As far as neat things to see, to my tastes, the pharmacy museum sounds great- insectarium not so much. I can not get on board with this trend of rooms full of living bugs ("butterfly gardens"). I'd probably like to see a graveyard, and maybe window-shop or browse some weird shops where I might not buy anything, if there's a good area for that. Maybe look at some water- the river/delta/gulf is pretty interesting to me.
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Me personally, 8 works for a time. Gots to have dinner, walk the dog, etc. Speaking of dinner: I have no idea how your funds run but very near your hotel and Bellocq both are so many delicious restaurants. You can't go wrong with Herbsaint - ever. We recently had a killer meal at Balise, just around the corner, and Tivoli & Lee is right there as well. Chances are any other New Orleanian could name three totally different and equally excellent restaurants within the same walking distance.

Water is easy. There's a great walking path between the French Quarter and the Mississippi River. If you really want to get onto it, the Algiers Ferry is cheap at $2.

As for walking and browsing and cemeteries, well. There's tons of that. Royal St. in the French Quarter will be good for window browsing and people watching. Lots of tourists like to hit up St. Louis Cemetery #1 just above (northwest, whatever, we don't use cardinal directions here) the French Quarter but it's not my favorite. My recommendation would be to take the St. Charles streetcar out to St. Charles and Washington. Head "south" (aka towards the river) from there to find Lafayette Cemetery #1. Much more picturesque in my opinion. Once you're done there, head a few more blocks further south to Magazine St. which has plenty good window shopping. Maybe hit up Stein's Deli if you're hungry for lunch.

[p.s. my two tips for people new to the French Quarter:
1.) If you ever get "lost" just step out into any intersection (after checking for traffic, of course) and look for tall buildings. You'll only see them in one direction, and that's where your hotel is.
2.) If someone says to you, "Bet you five bucks I can tell you where you got them shoes at" you just say, "On my feet" and keep walking.]

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We'll be running from Happy's Irish pub on Poydras at 6:00pm Wednesday for the weekly 5k. If you see a bunch of runners, that's us.
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If you go check out Magazine Street before 3 either day and want something sweet, stop by Sucre and ask for Kara and I'll hook you up.
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Ha, we'll try.
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I've called it 8pm at Bellocq!
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I find it odd that there haven't been more responses to this. I guess everyone down here is deep sleeping in their August Hibernation Chambers and won't emerge until around October.
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My excuse is simply that I hadn't checked MeFi in a week or two! But now that I have, I should be able to make this tomorrow!
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I've been checking the thread but haven't responded because I can't make it tomorrow. Post a bunch of pictures so I can live vicariously through people who can go out on school nights! Have fun! (Back to the old August Hibernation Chamber...)
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I intend to make it out to Bellocq this evening. Cortex, I'll be walking past your hotel on my way to Lee Circle, so if you two want a guide/walking buddy I'm happy to pop by.
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This is my first week of classes/work, so I'm swamped but I'll see if I can talk my boyfriend into going!
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Just had hell of a dinner with ColdChef, headed over to Bellocq now. Stoked to see y'all!
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We're running late, but we'll be there!
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artychoke: I'm sorry to report that I didn't see a single photo being taken, so there's no proof that this thing just happened.
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I have no idea what enjoyable meetup you're even talking about. You can't possibly prove I met some great mefites and had a fun time!
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I'll assume y'all just hung around in your pajamas and watched Netflix. Yay! I'm just like the cool kids!
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Thanks y'all for coming out; that was a super nice time, and it was great to variously meet you or see you again.
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It was great to meet you, too! I'm sorry I missed you leaving while we were out on the patio - that was a bummer!
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Oh no! We thought you two had to jet or something, didn't realize we were the ones ditching!
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Wait! There as a patio?! I had no idea. Shoot, we must have seemed like jerks. I thought there must have been some discussion that happened when I was in the bathroom or something and just decided to go with it.
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Just out the doors to the right of the bar! Margot went out to smoke and I went with her. We must have seemed super rude at the time, too, haha. Sorry!
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