desjardins' and divined by radio's road trip to Mpls
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Sat August 22 at 7:00 PM, Bluestem Bar
2610 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey, me and divined by radio will be in Minneapolis next weekend (Aug 21-23) so let's have a meetup on Saturday!
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I don't know the neighborhoods of Minneapolis yet, and I won't be able to attend, but Nye's is having a big farewell party that weekend (although they're not actually closing until January).
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I am vegan and enamored of fancy cocktails, so something like this (Bluestem Bar in Uptown) would be ideal, although it appears that reservations are strongly recommended. Their happy hour looks pretty killer. Or maybe Muddy Waters or Bryant Lake Bowl?
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Am interested, will poke around. Off hand, there's a Japanese Lantern Lighting festival in Saint Paul's Como Park on Sunday Aug 23, which is several miles from Uptown.
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Won't be able to make it, as we're tied up with family stuff all weekend (finale is a Saints game against the Sioux Falls Canaries on Sunday, though, so not all bad). ZeusHumms's Japanese lantern thingy looks really good. A meet-up at a Saints game might not be too bad a venue either. I hear it's a beautiful ballpark.
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Oh darn, we will be out of town. Have fun!
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I can probably come! Are you thinking Saturday night? Bluestem is one of my all-time favorite restaurants, the food is super good. Muddy Waters and BLB are also very good (though it's been years since I've been to BLB). Whereabouts in Uptown are you staying?
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Saturday night would be best because we're doing a 5-6 hour drive on both Friday and Sunday. We're on Hennepin between Lake St and the cemetery. (Is that neighborhood called something else? No idea.) Don't let our location restrict you from recommending something awesome; obviously we have a car. It's just a starting point.
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Okay, I made an executive decision and scheduled the thing so people can make concrete plans. I'm not real clear if we need to make reservations, but their website says they are accepted for groups up to 12. Any idea? I'll give it a day and see if the "maybe" people can make commitments.

P.S. for the people I met last time: surprise, I'm transgender and I go by "Kevin" and he/him pronouns now.
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Yay! I've been to Bluestem several times and always made reservations though they weren't really needed, tbh. You could probably pretty safely wait until Friday to make them to maybe get a better idea of how many are coming. If you're going to be on the road and think it might be a hassle, I wouldn't mind calling them on Friday - just let me know.

Looking forward to it!
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Yay! I look forward to sipping fruity libations and eating delicious vegan foods with you all. Here's the online reservations page -- looks like we'd have no trouble getting a table for six at 7PM on Saturday.
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I am unencumbered and will be there bar emergencies. (I expect no emergencies and to have no potentially-emergency-causing things going on Saturday.)
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Okay, I made reservations for eight under my full name, which you can find in my profile in the email field. If more people than that are able to commit to attending, I'll call them tomorrow & adjust upwards.
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I just clicked "Yes" and then my computer started acting up so I'm back down to a Maybe.
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I thought I might be able to make it tonight, depending on the progress I made on a project I have an impending deadline for, but I'm not going to be able to come. Have fun!
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Sorry to miss you, heurtebise.

For the folks who can make it, I'm wearing glasses, a green, black and white striped button-up shirt, jeans, and Docs -- see you soon!
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Everything was wonderful! Thanks, everyone! <3
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It was great to meet you guys. Thanks for venturing out in the storm.
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It was great meeting everyone! Thanks again to desjardins for organizing!
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