DragonCon 2015 Missed Connections Thread / Meetup Coordination
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Thu September 3 at 10:00 AM, Sheraton Atlanta Hotel
165 Courtland Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA (Map & Directions)
Labor Day weekend is almost upon us again, and that means DragonCon in Atlanta. (Please don't call it Dragon*Con, they had their *-hole removed two years ago at no small expense.) Even though an actual organized MeFi meetup is not likely to survive everyone's various convention plans, we can at least use this thread to talk about those plans. NOTE: like last year, the time and place listed are for the registration line, the event itself lasts Thursday-Monday, and is spread across 5 high-rise hotels and a nearby convention center.
Usually how these DragonCon MeFi IRL threads go, there's a lot of talk about what games are going to be played, what cosplays will be worn, swapping of recipes for apple pie and so on.

If anyone actually wants to take the bull by the horns and try to arrange a formal MeFi meetup I won't discourage it, even with the track record from past years.
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I don't know much of what I'm doing at convention, since schedules are a couple weeks away yet, but I know that I'll probably be attending the EFF track's panel about the location-based smartphone game Ingress on Friday night. I've got tickets to the Aquarium Night Saturday, and Sunday morning I'm going to try to finagle my way into the Mad Max: Fury Road group photo.

My main cosplay this year is going to be a Fury Road Warboy OC, I'll have this on at least Sunday, maybe Saturday too.
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I'll be there! Saturday is my birthday, and I intend to spend it drunk and dressed as Morrigan from Dragon Age. Still not sure how much I'll attend of Friday, but Saturday and Sunday will be exciting.
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I'll be there. Moderating Victorian/Edwardian for the Alt History Track and I'll be on another panel for them (uh, alternative timelines on the stage I think it's called?). Staying at the Westin.
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Also, rumors of a new carpet for the Marrott atrium level are true.
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It will be our first year with our niece (15) and her best friend in tow - I have no idea how this affects our schedule. She's been with us on Saturdays during the day before - at least I won't have to get up at 5 am on Saturday to pick her up! We are in the westin, as well!
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This is year 7 for me, staying in the Sheraton again, flying in Thursday morning and leaving late Monday evening. I will probably be gravitating to X-Track panels, and any panels that my buddy Rob Levy is moderating.

I will be doing a Little Red Riding Hood/Captain America mash-up one day, and I'm toying with the idea of doing a Sense8 'Lito Red Riding Hood' one evening just to see if anyone gets it.
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So, what are the Atlanta weather reporters saying about tropical storm Erika? It look's like we won't know how Georgia will fare until it makes landfall in Florida this weekend.
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I live in Atlanta, and used to go to MeFi meetups in Cambridge, MA when I lived there. Not very many IRL MetaFilter Atlanta meetups around here, other than Dragon(rm *)Con. Some years I dip in to the convention, others I skip... But a MetaFilter meetup would be a motivator.
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Well, I still haven't had time to read/highlight the pocket program and app to figure out my panel options, guess I'll be doing it tomorrow on the plane and at the hotel. Not sure what my afternoon/dinner plans are yet - traditionally we've gone to the High art museum after hotel check-in, badge-pick-up, and lunch, but some of our regular group aren't at con this year, so, aside from lunch and a grocery store run while our local friend is free to do the driving, I don't know what the schedule will be. My mefi-mail is on, if anyone wants to exchange DragonCon app friend codes.
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Anyone interested in meeting up to view the DragonCon parade Saturday?
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I'm not attending, but I do live pretty close to downtown, so if anyone needs anything while they're in town, please feel free to MeMail me.
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Well, my plans have been pared down to a Saturday Only attendance. I'll be dressed as The Kid from I Want To Be The Guy.
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Hope everyone had a good DragonCon, mine went terrifically, having a really hard time reconciling myself back to the real world & daily grind. Did 4-6 panels each day, my cosplay went great (I have caught the bug, will definitely keep doing the Red Riding Hood mash-ups for as long as I can come up with variations).

Just finished uploading this year's Flickr set - here's the full album and here are the ones I couldn't identify or wasn't sure I had gotten right (tagged with 'identify' for now, hoping people will comment with corrections).
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