Need 1-2 players for a roleplaying game - novices welcome!
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Tue August 25 at 7:00 PM, my apartment
309 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
Have you seen the numerous posts on the blue and the green praising roleplaying games and want to give them a try? Or are you an experienced gamer looking for a group? If so, I am looking for 1-2 players to join my Pathfinder campaign. Our emphasis is on roleplaying over combat though there is certainly some of that too. No experience in Pathfinder or other RPGs necessary. Campaign blurb & logistics beneath the fold
Glaciers advanced and breath froze in the air. An ice age had begun and world was freezing over. Most gods did nothing to help their suffering worshipers. Most were content to wait out the ice age and receive the meager worship of the few that could withstand the cold but not all were willing to let their worshippers suffer. Instead the gods of the Euskadi sacrificed themselves to create the Vale of the Gods where their people would live in warmth.

A 1000 years passed and as the reign of Emperador Belasko drew to a close and threats both internal and external begin to arise, legendary heroes from the past were summoned to fulfill an ancient prophecy - that they would destroy the snake within the midst that had put the Vale at threat. Many hoped that they would also deal with the barbarian Viselik who had begun raiding the vale as they had dealt with invading barbarians 1000 years ago....

Logistics: We play on Tuesday nights from 7-10 at my place in center city (2nd and Spruce). We try to play every week but I'd say we typically play 2 out of every three weeks.
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Damn. Why aren't you in north Jersey?
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Or Austin. *wistful* I've been meaning to try RPG for ages but haven't been able to round anyone up to try it in meatspace yet.
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Are spouses of Mefites welcome? I can't make it due to work commitments, but Mr. Machine is totally interested. (We've played a fair amount of 4th ed., but neither of us has any Pathfinder experience.)
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Oops... I thought I would get a notification for the comments but evidently not...

Anyway, my game is open to cool people of all sorts. Joyceanmachine - check your mefi mail for details.
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Also, the clear solution to the location problems is to move to Philadelphia
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