cstross comes to Seattle
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Tue August 11 at 5:00 PM, The Pike Pub
1415 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
from Charlie Stross's blog
It's that time of year again and I'm travelling and doing stuff in public on That Other Continent, so here's a preliminary list of fixtures.
If you're in Seattle, I'm going to be drinking in a microbrewery on the evening of Tuesday 11th of August: if you can read this you're welcome to turn up. (I'm awaiting confirmation that I've reserved a table before I post this: don't bother with suggestions for venues yet, just think "vicinity of Pike Place market".) [UPDATE: The Pike Pub, Pike Place Market, 5 PM LOCAL / 2200 GMT]

On Wednesday 12th, I'm giving a reading and signing from "The Annihilation Score" at Microsoft Research (1:30pm, Building 99, Redmond Campus). You'll need to be an employee or escorted by one to get in. But don't worry, because if you don't know anyone ...

On Thursday 13th I'm doing an evening reading and signing from "The Annihilation Score" at the University Bookstore at 7pm, and you don't need a bookstore employee to accompany you.
To me it sounds like these are prime meetup opportunities (or at least the first and last) Anyone else interested?
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I'm definitely particularly interested in the first one. I'm curious to see where he has in mind. Pike Brewing, perhaps? It's the only active brewery in close vicinity to Pike Place Market which comes to mind.
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Pike does seem like the only obvious place.
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I'd be interested in the Thursday University bookstore reading.
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I have a regular thing I do on Tuesday evenings and live in the U so my preference is obvious. On the other hand I will also be going off to Sasquan the next weekend so I'm pretty sure I will be seeing him at some point!
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I'm in for Tuesday night, can't wait for the first of what I hope to be many West Coast meetups.
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I work late Tuesday's, but my therapist says I need to get out and socialize more, so yeah I like Tuesday at Pike (where I've never been). tMOTaT, Pike market area is not like "normal" Seattle where Seattleites hang out, mostly tourists, but would be fine with me unless other people have ideas.

If I'm coming out, I expect to see all the regulars. That means you.
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I'm a non-drinker and don't know thing one about Charlie Stross but I am interested in becoming a Seattle MeFi regular. Is having read Stross a prereq for this? Where's a good place to start?
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I usually point people at A Colder War, which is a fave of mine, though not necessarily representative of his later work. This tour seems to be in support of his Laundry series, so I'd recommend checking that out - I believe there are a couple of big omnibuses of the first few Laundry stories now.
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Pike Place Brewing, from 5pm, on the Tuesday.

WARNING: I'm arriving on a flight that takes off from Amsterdam at 9am local time, i.e. 1am Seattle time. While I might nap for a bit in flight, the point of hitting a brewpub is that bright lights/noise/food/drink/conversation will keep me awake until local going-to-bed time. Don't expect me to be brilliant and witty after 17-18 hours awake!
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It's not a tour, by the way. It's Charlie deciding to fly into a real city rather than Spokane, ahead of the worldcon the following week, and accidentally getting booked solid with readings, because this sort of thing happens.

No, there are no big omnibuses of the Laundry Files. You may be thinking of the Merchant Princes series (of which a new trilogy is due in 2016/17).
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I just read A Colder War for the first time this week. Really liked it.
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So with confirmation from himself, I'm updating to reflect location & time for Tuesday. People who want to make the Thursday evening reading in the U district are highly encouraged to attend & make another IRL post.
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Possibly not an omnibus, but The Atrocity Archive and The Jennifer Morgue are available together.
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Artw: Yeah, but that was an SF Book Club hardcover special edition -- no ebook version exists, and it's been out of print for 7-8 years. I don't think that counts.
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Ah, fair enough.
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I made a separate post for the reading at UW.
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All, Pike can be a madhouse and I'm sure that cstross has people who read his blog that aren't posting here. I'm thinking we might be well advised to reserve a set of tables. Thoughts? I'm thinking reserving group seating for 15 or so.
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Am here, black MeFi shirt. Host is directing people to museum room, ask for Charles. Stross
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Heading up there from the South end on public transit.I should be there around 6pm.
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On bus at Westlake and Mercer.
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Have left the vicinity of the corporate mermaid on light rail, should be there pretty soon.
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Shit, I'm just leaving work. I am totally not making this.
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We are still here
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Had a great time, hope you all make it home safe and remember to tuck cstross in.
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Also cstross has A++ cat picture game.
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Thanks everyone!
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