Parthenogenesis at FringeNYC
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Sat August 15 at 4:15 PM, Celebration of Whimsy
21 Clinton Street, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Parthenogenesis, the play I wrote, will open at FringeNYC on August 15th!<
Over 40 years ago, a girl named Theresa was abandoned on the ice of Lake Quannapowitt by her father, who skated away and out of her life. Raised by her single Aunt Ginny, Theresa had a daughter, April, via artificial insemination. The only clue April has to her own father's identity is a cassette of his voice, which she listens to over and over again.

Tonight, Theresa's father asks to return to her life, to let her know some of the secrets that have been kept from her. April has also returned, now 8 months pregnant by her college professor. During a single night, many secrets will be revealed, testing the bonds of this close-knit family of women who have very different ideas about motherhood.

For more information about Parthenogenesis, please visit the play's website at To purchase tickets, visit the FringeNYC listing for Parthenogenesis.

EDIT: In "it's an incredibly small world" news, EmpressCallipygos is my FringeNYC ambassador! If you'd like discounted tickets, she's the person to go to. I would love to see anyone from MetaFilter there! Hooray!!
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Other show times:
VENUE #5: The Celebration Of Whimsy
SAT 15 @ 4:15 + MON 17 @ 9 WED 19 @ 2 THU 20 @ 9 SUN 23 @ 6

Writer: Patrick Cleary
Director: Ashley Marinaccio
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Xingcat - I am your Fringe Ambassador!

Everyone - what THAT means is, for the Saturday 8/15 show, there will be an after-party afterwards, where you can hang out with the cast and crew at a cafe/bar/etc. nearby the venue. And - I'll be there too, schmoozing with the guests, and I will ALSO be able to sell tickets to other Fringe shows. (And you may want to get tickets through me anyway - you save on some of the service charges if you go through me!)

So if people wanna memail me for tickets rather than going through Fringe Central, I can work that out with you thusly.
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And I am updating this to note my own attendance because I'm already committed to being there in my diplomatic status.
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Okay - xingcat, you wanna add the post-show mixer at Donnybrook as well?

Everyone - this particular performance will have a post-show event at the bar Donnybrook, just down the street, where you can hang with the cast and crew. I will be there too - resplendent in my neon lime green Fringe t-shirt - to chill out with y'all and tell you about other shows you may dig. (And I have the means to sell you tickets at a slightly discounted rate, too.). The Donnybrook hangout is NOT an extra charge, and is at about 8:30 pm.

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