Phoenix meetup?
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Hey there, Meefs! I moved to the East Valley PHX area from NM about 6 months ago and am interested in meeting more new people. I know that Mefites have get-togethers in lot of cool cities. Would anyone from the Phoenix area like to get together and get a meetup started here?
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Welcome to AZ. I've never attended a MeFi meetup so I don't know how this works, but if you plan it for the east valley and I'm available then I'll be there. I'm in Tempe.
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Hello and welcome to PHX! Meetup sounds like a great idea!
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I'll be back Aug. 13 and down for a meetup anytime after!
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Places we've done meetups before include The Lost Leaf tavern, the Arizona Science Center, the Angel's Trumpet Alehouse, and the Rose and Crown. I'd be down for any of those, or somewhere else new!
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I would also be totally down for a meet up any time in August. I'm in Tempe as well.
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I'm no longer in the east valley but I'd still be interested in this "meetup" thing, as I've never done one.
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I'm interested in getting together. Please keep me posted on the plans.
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Hi all, I'm back and probably have the bandwith to organize a meetup sometime soon! Is there a day of the week that would work especially well for everyone?
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@ WidgetAlly - Thanks for being willing to organize the meetup! Evenings and weekends work best for me. Someone upthread mentioned that a past meetup was held at Angels Trumpets Alehouse. I'd like to suggest that as a possible location this time around too. It's excellent.
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