cortex and Secretariat in Chattanooga!
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Sat July 25 at 5:00 PM, Terminal Brewhouse
6 East 14th Street, Chattanooga, TN, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey, Tennesseeans and other proximate folks, the wife and I are gonna be in Chattanooga this Saturday July 25th. Let's get together at Terminal Brewhouse at 5pm!
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So THAT's what happened to Secretariat after Craig Ferguson's show ended...
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Hay now.
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I work until 4 so I won't be able to get there until 6ish, assuming the party's still going. I'll leave venue suggestions up to the 'Noogans.
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I am DEFINITELY in. I'm here, but I'm an inveterate suburbanite and we should probably be showing off downtown to you. I'll be glad to ask the experts (like my friend who writes a "local eats & drinks" column) for suggestions.

Given your schedule, are you thinking just drinks, or drinks and dinner? (I don't drink and actually haven't a clue about bars, but depending on what you want to do drink/eat-wise, someplace like Terminal Brewhouse or Tupelo Honey might be fun.)

Oh, and YAY!
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Wouldn't miss it. I'll second the Terminal, definitely one of my favorite joints in town. Lots of people also love The Flying Squirrel.
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We're more "food and drink" people than "just drink" in general, so dinner, or a pub setting sounds good. (I'm not used to bars not always serving food- but it seems like maybe that's a thing around here?) Terminal or Tupelo both sound good.

We will be heading into Chattanooga in the morning with some of my coworkers from my internship and doing a little sightseeing- I think the aquarium is involved. So I don't know exactly what our schedule looks like pre-meetup, but I'm guessing we should be free by 5-ish easy.
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Terminal is good. The Honest Pint has better food, but standard beers. It is non-smoking now, but it was a smoke friendly establishment for many years. It might still be a little stinky. Same owners as the Terminal but a little more local clientele since it is not next to a hotel. Menu and info here:
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Just dropping in because my meetup radius picked this up; we loved Urban Stack as a road trip stop for burgers and beer, though locals may have more refined opinions about it. Y'all have fun!
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Alright, I'm calling it for 5 at Terminal.

I work until 4 so I won't be able to get there until 6ish, assuming the party's still going.

I'd imagine so! We're not gonna close the place out or anything like it—still planning to drive back to Huntsville afterward—but I'm sure we'll hang around for a couple hours.
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I'm so full of the happy! See you tomorrow!
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Cool, see y'all tomorrow.
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Ok, I did not know that Chattanooga was in a different time zone from Huntsville AL. We were trying to post a meetup for 5 pm- but I'm not sure what time this shows up as for you in the post? We will aim to be there at 5pm Chattanooga time.
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Updated the time zone for the meetup.
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Weirdly, we're at lunch right now- we might be a little late.
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Lol. I just saw this, and I'm here early. Since there will be at least six of us, they will be seating us upstairs, but they won't do it until half of us are here. So, I'm inside the front door, in a blue sleeveless shirt, reading my iPad. See you all soon.
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We're upstairs now!
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We just finished up, heading over!
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Hola. I'm home safe. Thanks to everyone; it was a pleasure meeting y'all!
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I was just coming on here to click through to your MeMail, workerant, to make sure you got home well. It was so great meeting/seeing all of you, and I'm working on the pics.
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Good meetup! We had a quick and traffic-less drive home. Thanks for being patient with us for calling a meetup and then showing up late. I had a great time meeting you all!
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Loved meeting you Secretariat, workerant, & cortex! And seeing you again, The Wrong Kind of Cheese! lost_cause & I had fun & hope to see y'all again soon.
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So that geology term I mentioned at the meetup- Tafoni, a picture I took of Alabama tafoni, a picture I took of maybe Oregon tafoni. (It's not impossible I'm using the term more loosely than some would). If you don't get have trypophobia, go ahead and do a google images search for tafoni and you'll see some much more perfect examples.

And- Boudinage! I look forward to pulling this term out in geology public soon.
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Got some photos up!
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