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Thu July 16 at 7:00 PM, Weatherspoons
Main Concourse, London SW1V 1JT, UK (Map & Directions)
Come and discuss ideas about utopia - fiction, historical, contemporary, philosophical, political, scientific...! Surrounded by bad news so much, it will be nice to meet and think about how things could be.
First meeting will be in London, in the Weatherspoons at Victoria Station (so coffee or beer is available) and a chance to have a general chat about utopia. A number of us will, however, have read and be familiar with Red Plenty by Francis Spufford so we at least have one common point of conversation, so feel free to read if you're coming along.
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I would be interested in this if in london. Some utopian conceptual things I have been wanting to read or go back to in more detail. 1. Slate Star Codex's series on his utopia Raikoth 2. David Brin's The Transparent Society 3. Red Plenty by Francis Spufford a semi-fictional look at the utopianism of 50's Soviet Union
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I'd be interested as well. London preferred.
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As it looks like being three of us who are interested, and London is preferred, can I suggest evening of Thursday 9th July in a pub/coffee place near Victoria or Waterloo? Red Plenty looks excellent and I hadn't heard of it, so I've just ordered it and would expect to read that by the 9th July...
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That time would be fine for me.
Also - if it is a success we should try to rope in adrianhon for a future session whose A history of the future in 100 objects I never finished for lack of enough plot but had lots of interesting utopian (and non-utopian) ideas.
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I think I may have to be in France by the 9th but will be going into and out of London around that period and happy to discuss this.
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How dare you!


Sounds fun!
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OK, shall go ahead and confirm the details as Thursday 9th July at 7PM. I don't know London well, so the venue will be the Weatherspoons in Victoria station unless anyone has a better idea - not glamorous but functional for a friendly drink or coffee while chatting about utopia. Hope that works for plenty of you 😀
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I have put that in my Calendar and will be there! For an initial foray that sounds like as good a location as any :) if others are interested I have additional reading materials tagged about Red Plenty in my Evernote. Or we can just make this a general " if you like the idea of talking about utopia come along" session and get more into books later or whatever.
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Cool, I have (finally) confirmed the details :-)

Feel free to share any notes. I imagine this will be a 'come along and talk about utopia' session, but it will be nice to at least have a starting point for conversations... so if anyone is coming and wants to be on a similar page, consider skimming Red Plenty. No doubt I'll have my copy with me in the pub so I'm spottable.

Look forward to seeing people there.
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I won't be able to make it to this one unfortunately (work thing) but I hope it goes well - keen to come along to the next.
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Gah, in a decidedly non-utopian turn there is apparently a tube strike scheduled for Thursday. If that goes ahead then I won't be able to get from work to here in a reasonable amount of time. I know these things sometimes do and sometimes do not happen but perhaps best to reschedules for a time when public transport is not so up in the air?
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Gah indeed... Assuming that the Thursday evening slot worked well, I'll bump the date to the following Thursday but keep everything else the same. Checked the Tube closures look ahead PDF, and can't see anything for the 23rd, so looks promising. Hopefully that works well for adrianhon too.
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And by 23rd, I obviously meant 16th.
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Yes 16th would be fine for me
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Yep, I'm in as a yes/maybe
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This sounds super fun! I'll be around 18th-22nd...
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Coming on bus if anyone is there should arrive about 19:15/20 :)
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Great... Got a table on the terrace next to a giant WH Smiths sign.
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Not clear where that is? What do you look like?
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Urm light blue top, bit of a mop of hair at the moment. Think I'd describe it as the back side of WH Smiths... I can see KrispyKreme doughnuts and have my copy of red plenty 😀
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Nice to see everyone! Apropos of the decline (or not) in working hours, here are some interesting and up-to-date graphs. Certainly there has been a levelling off in the last couple of decades but my optimistic eye detects a slight downward trend nonetheless ;)
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