Roadtripping through Portland (hiking + lunch)
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Sun June 7 at 11:00 AM, Tryon Creek State Park
11321 Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Details added: Tryon Park, then lunch somewhere in Sellwood.My plan is to slowly amble through the nature center and the trees at a leisurely place. More ambitious hikers can charge ahead! Memail me if you need my number. (You're welcome to just join us at the restaurant, too.)
Original post: Fanghorn Dungeon LLC and I will be visiting the Portland area for the first time this June, arriving June 6 (Saturday) and leaving June 11 (Thursday). We'll be staying in Milwaukie, near Bob's Red Mill (apparently!). Would anyone like to meet up? We'll have a car, and we're pretty flexible about where and when we meet up, but I'll need help figuring that out.

We like: food (all kinds), geeky stuff (we're actually roadtripping to Anglicon in Seattle), books, games, museums, trees...I don't know. I drink a teeny bit and Fanghorn Dungeon LLC doesn't drink at all, but we totally don't mind if other people drink, or if we go to a pubbish place as long as it has tasty food. We're also interested in just learning what Portland is like. If anyone would like to get together, please propose days/times/places. :D

P. S. If you work at an area community college, I really want to talk to you.
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I'd be up for something maybe that Sunday (out of town Saturday, finals week starts Monday). I don't work at a community college, but I do work (part time, adjunct) at a large, urban public university, and know tons of people who do similar work at various community colleges in the area.
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Sunday the 7th sounds OK to me...
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I think I'm okay for the 7th.

As far as a venue... I can't think of any pubs offhand with stellar worth-a-trip-just-for-the-food (although maybe someone else has something in mind). So if the weather looks like it'll be decent, maybe we should have some kind of short hike meetup? Go walk through Forest Park or something for a couple of hours and then grab food somewhere. Anyone who's not up for the walk could come by afterwards for the meal.
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Moseying about in Oaks Park might be an option. It's a nice setting by the river, and we're apparently down with mini golf. I'm sure there's food in Sellwood, I just don't know it very well.
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Tryon Creek might be good. It's sort of neither here nor there and there's a couple of places in Lake Oswego or Sellwood we could try.
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Moseying is good--we're woefully, embarrassingly out of shape right now (I'll spare you the excuses; we're working on it). So a short hike is doable if it's, um, gentle. I'm terrible at mini golf but have been meaning to go again for years, so that could be fun.

I love how shady Forest Park and Tryon Creek look! I miss green things and shade.

I looked up Oaks Park--I'd love to get a photo of their carousel if we wind up there, and now I've learned about trolley parks, which I'd never heard of!

Anyway, all of the above sound good to me, but I don't know enough to pick one. :) Any thoughts?

P. S. Are there food cart pods near any of the above? We don't have to go to one for the meetup, but they're on our list. :) Permanent food truck/cart/stand groups are rare in the Bay Area in general, and nonexistent where we live.
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This should help you plan your food cart path.
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Ack, it's already the 2nd! Better get this nailed down. Is it really going to be 92 on the 7th? That's what we were trying to get AWAY from! Which would be coolest: Forest Park, Oaks Park, or Tryon Creek?
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If it's going to be so warm, maybe something indoors would be better--if any of these places aren't too loud and crowded on a hot Sunday. Any thoughts on
- Interurban
- Horse Brass
- Bushwhacker Cider (I'm interested in exploring more ciders! Looks like the Woodlawn one has more food choices)

(I almost suggested Tap That in memory of Metafilter's less enlightened past. Heh.)
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Forest Park is near pretty much nothing but there's a feeder trail at Macleay Park that's nearish stuff. There's Rae's about 4 blocks away and things further down Thurman.

Bushwacker has nothing but ciders and one of the most charmless atmospheres for a bar I've seen. It's a converted garage and they nothing to the space at all (including hvac). Haven't been to the Woodlawn location tho.
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Well, Bushwhacker sounds terrible. :( Thanks for the feedback.

It seems like both Macleay Park and Tryon Creek should be shady and relatively cool. My impression is that Tryon has more parking and maybe some easier/paved trails (?). My partner loves a nature center, too. Heh.


Macleay Park + Rae's or something else nearby
Tryon Creek + somewhere in Lake Oswego or Sellwood (my Sellwood and Lake Oswego bookmarks consist of Feastworks, Bertie Lou's, La Provence, Babica Hen, and Cloud Cap Games)

Which sounds better?
And time: light hiking at 11, lunch at 1? Later, earlier?

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I'm not familiar with Lake Oswego food-wise, but I know Sellwood has quite a few good restaurants.
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All right, this evening I'm going to set it up for the 7th, 11 AM, Tryon Creek + ??? in Sellwood. If you have alternatives or concrete details, let me know!
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We won't be able to join you but hope you have fun.

I went to bushwacker a couple years ago and found the hipster setting way to over done. If you want to see the cider scene it might be the best way to do it.
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Hmmm, good to know. Maybe I'll some cider somewhere else.

Anwyay, I'll give it a couple days to see if there are any actual yeses, and I'll cancel Friday morning if there aren't.
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I can't make the hiking part, but may be able to catch up with you at ??? restaurant.
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I'm also fine with just going to a restaurant, if somebody could suggest one. It doesn't look like anyone who suggested hiking has RSVP'd yes. :)
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The only one I've eaten at and can therefore recommend personally is Stickers Asian Cafe on 6808 SE Milwaukie Ave. I know there are lots of places near the intersections of Tacoma (the street you're on once you cross the Sellwood bridge) and both 13th Ave. and Milwaulkie Ave.
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Anyone else interested in Stickers? :)
I'm about to hit the road. I'll check in later if I can.
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Work is raising is needy whingeing cry for my attention this weekend, I'm sad to say. I won't be able to join you.

Have fun!
(btw, it's Hood strawberry season. You maybe want to eat some. Or pick them yourself out on Sauvie Island (and then eat them). Just themselves. Or with cream. Or with whipped cream and shortcake. Or a little creme fraiche. Or creme fraiche + brown sugar. Or + black pepper. Or ... )
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Since there are no yeses other than me, I'm going to go ahead and cancel. Sorry it didn't gel. Maybe some other time!
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