Lonely in the Windy City
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Sat December 4 at 7:00 PM, Ballydoyle
5157 Main St, Downers Grove, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Chicago meetup for visiting MeFite around Dec. 3-5? Save me from watching "Two and a Half Men" reruns?
I'll be visiting my parents back in the Greater Chicagoland Area Dec 1-10. Since I haven't lived there for 22 years I no longer have any friends in the area. Rather than being trapped with my parents (yes, they're lovely people, really) for the entire time, I'd like to get out and meet my fellow MeFiPeeps.

As far as I know I have all those evenings free right now but the 3rd-5th seem like the most likely nights for gathering. I'll be staying in Lombard but I will have a car. Would anyone be up for a meet-up around then, around there? I'd love suggestions for a place too, as my mental map of the area is covered in dust and cobwebs.
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Oh man. We cannot have you watching Two and a Half Men. I'll be around that weekend, but I'll be running tech for the Neo-Futurists, so I probably should not spearhead this meetup. I'll wait for the other regulars to chime in with ideas.
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Well, the 1st the the monthly drunkening at the Goat under Michigan, and you're more than welcome! I won't be at the December drunkening (I have a fundraiser to attend), so an auxiliary December meet-up works well for me.
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Oooh, a west suburban meetup would be great! I am in Downers Grove so I'd definitely be up for it.
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I'd love to do a west suburbs meet up but I wasn't sure if there was enough people in the area. I don't know how well attended Chicago meetups are. Dec 1st is my travel day so I might not be in great shape for gathering and I'll most certainly need to spend that night with my folks. They do go to bed early though so I'll keep it in mind.
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The Chicago Blues & Bluegrass Festival is December 3-5. I have no idea if anyone else is planning to attend that, but I picked up a pretty excellent Groupon for it, so that's where I'll be those evenings.

The monthly Goat meet-ups seem to be well-attended in my experience, but don't reliably extend late in the evening. I agree that an auxiliary meet-up of some sorts will probably work best?
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I have been thinking about going to the Chicago Blues & Bluegrass Festival in an abstract way that usually means i get too lazy to go, but would be more inclined if there were others.

What night are you going booknerd?

Sorry to piggyback on your meetup thread chairface.
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Probably all three, if we feel up to it? The Groupon was $50 for the VIP tickets ($5 more than the regular three-day pass), which includes several hours of open bar on Saturday.
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Another vote for a west suburban gathering out here near The DG.
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Downers Grove would be fine. Anyone have a venue recommendation? Let's say the 4th (Saturday)?
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There's a reasonably comfortable Irish pub on Main Street: Ballydoyle (Band starts at 10:00 pm) and across the street is Emmet's Ale House. My knowledge of places to grab a drink and chat in Downers Grove is limited to Main Street near the train station, though.
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So is this the moment when someone says "Ballydoyle at 7" and it just happens? I am good for 1-2 hours because of family stuff.
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Ballydoyle works well for me - I live 5 minutes from there. : )
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Ok, Ballydoyle at 7 on the 4th. I'll see if I can figure out how to confirm this thread.
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Random Hacks of Kindness is that weekend.

see also meetup group Hacks and Hackers event page for it. I signed up at both.
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Oh, and to paraphrase Jesus, "Ye shall know me by my can of beans." Assuming I don't forget them when I leave the house.
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Assuming we aren't buried in snow, my boyfriend David and I will be there. : )
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I'm in the pub area. There's a show at ten so some of it is reserved.
posted by chairface at 4:54 PM on December 4, 2010

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