Portland State lunch?
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Hey so we haven't done a PSU lunch thing in forever. There are only a couple weeks left in the school year; shall we?
Thursdays are best for me, but if we do something at noon or so, I could (somewhat hurriedly) do other days.
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I can do the Tuesday or Wednesday after the 1st.
Unfortunately I have PITA obligations the other days.
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I am brazenly unemployed so will go to great lengths to socialize with Mefites. When? Where?
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Heyyyy...I'm not sure if this is a PSU-people-only thing --if it is, please ignore, but if it isn't: Fanghorn Dungeon LLC and I will be visiting Portland soon (arriving June 6, leaving June 11, staying in Milwaukie but with a car). It's our first time there. We'd love to attend a meetup if there's one during those dates. :)
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Of course this is open to any and all MeFites!
Last year this was a semi-regular thing, but then I graduated and foolishly stopped proposing lunch on/near campus.
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So... Tuesday 2 June? Noonish? Thoughts on where?
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I'm pretty much unavailable for lunches the rest of this term, but I'll be on campus at that time Tuesday/Thursday over the summer and Monday/Wednesday in the fall, in case that factors into future planning.
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I am not a PSU person but I work on that end of downtown and could meet up for lunch (but not on the 2nd. boo! stupid accounting software training.)
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So, this thing kinda didn't happen. When does Summer term start? And who'd be up for a lunch then?
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