May Goatup!
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Wed May 6 at 5:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Time for our regularly scheduled monthly meetup at the Billy Goat, plus a very important PSA: Mother's Day is the Sunday after this meetup! If you're at this meetup and haven't figured something out yet, you're setting yourself up for failure. Don't let it happen to you.
Bonus: goat in a coat.

Note for newcomers and folks who come less regularly: Chicago always meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Michigan Ave Billy Goat! It's as certain as death and taxes (but hopefully more fun than either of those things), even if you don't see the IRL post for it yet. We sit to the left of the entrance as you walk in the door and are usually easy to spot due to a combination of nerdiness and idiosyncratic sartorial choices.
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omg we must have been doing it at the same time, that's why!
I like that both of us thought to include a note for new people. Great minds, etc, etc.
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I flagged me. If I get deleted, I'll re-iterate: "New faces are always welcomed! Can't make it to the Goat? Join us at the Blue Frog (676 N LaSalle) around 9:00 for the weird and wonderful world of First Wednesdays Karaoke. There is never any pressure to sing, but we expect thunderous applause. And fog. Lots and lots of fog."
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I am going to the other one and not this one.
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I'm all for more meet ups and increasing Chicago's tally, but this seems a little much.
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Oh, here's where y'all are hiding.
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Ah, I saw that flag and couldn't figure out why you had flagged it! I'll delete the other one.
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Oooo now we have a ghost thread! There are ghost threads all over this highway.
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_Mona_, I promise that if you are able to attend we will be there.

However, do make sure you go to the proper Billy Goat downtown. (This mistake has been made before.) I wouldn't want you to think we were pulling a years-long elaborate prank.
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Although by "downtown", Mike means "North of the River, under the Wrigley Building" and not "South of the River, under the L"
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Yeah, I actually I meant the "proper downtown Billy Goat" rather than "the other one."

Words are hard.
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Yup. I know which one. I also call it "the real Billy Goat" since it's the one I grew up going to. I went to the one at the Pier yesterday and it was
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I have new fancy shoes. They aren't as nice as Denail's new fancy shoes.
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Are we going to have a shoe-off?
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I would seriously enjoy a shoe-off.
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So, Mike, this thing happened that I think you in particular will enjoy; it involves my grandma and facebook. I know you two have a history.

I was heading out the door to run errands when my phone rings. It's Gram, I answer it, and omg she sounds frantic. I know she's got a good friend who's getting taken off life support today, so I figure she's upset about that, so settle myself back down to let her talk for a while.

At some point I realize she's talking about facebook and not her friend. She's losing her mind because someone on facebook shared one of those "leave a comment with one word about how your day is going!" memes and instead of writing "great!" my grandma has posted "breast!" and now she's there on the internet all excited about breasts, for anyone to see.

"How's your day going?"
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Not accepting her friend request was the biggest mistake I've ever made.
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Taking shoes off at the Goat might not be the best idea.
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So I left the house wearing one hightop camoflage Chuck and one lowtop black Chuck-Target-knockoff as my "casual after work shoes"

Didn't realize it until I was downtown, so casually after work we're going to pretend it is a fashion choice, okay?
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This is what we in the PR business call getting out in front of the scandal.

( I am not in PR)
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I do, however, watch a lot of Scandal. And Punky Brewster apparently.

One of these shoes is canvas and the other is fake-leather. I cannot stress how different they are.
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I'm going to favorite Mike's shoe choices in every social media platform I can.
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I think if you'd kept your yap shut you might've won the shoe-off.
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Anything I Do That Seems Cool is Purely Accidental - The MCMikeNamara Story
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I am, once again, drunken gap child care, as the bro in law is out of town and the sister has a school meeting. So I'll probably miss the Goat but am in for some Frog. Spouse has offered to child care for me, but there's whoopie pies. It's a conundrum.
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I spent an hour and a half today doing something very silly and I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with myself.
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Once again, some of you missed something SPECIAL
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