Papermoon Diner...and Mad Men?
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Sun May 17 at 10:00 PM, Papermoon Diner
227 West 29th Street, Baltimore, MD, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's (possibly) experience an hour of existential dread by watching the Mad Men finale together, and then ameliorate it by delightful and schmaltzy smoothies at Paper Moon Diner!
Since last year, when I watched Breaking Bad's final season with friends, I've discovered the joys of communal TV. With the Mad Men finale coming up (May 17, 10pm), I would like other people to react and commiserate with, but none of my friends watch it, or are caught up with it. But then I realized, all of Metafilter are my friends!

A few months ago I went to a DC Mefi event, and it was suggested I host an event at Papermoon Diner. It's an extremely whimsical place, with whimsical dishes and smoothies - my favorite is the Bacon smoothie, which is criminally sweet. I thought that if we watch Mad Men first, we can withstand the swirling silent thoughts of our ultimately unsatisfying and repetitious lives, our cigarettes burning off in the night, if we dine at Papermoon Diner later, and lose ourselves in the Barbie doll heads nailed to the turquoise walls.

I can definitely be at Papermoon Diner, but the Mad Men viewing party is going to be harder to organize. My housing situation right now is a little uncertain, so does anyone know any bars for us to watch in, or is anyone willing to host a viewing party? I'm willing to forego the Mad Men viewing party if it won't work out - we can just eat at Papermoon Diner at 10 instead, and I can get the existential dread later.

***Papermoon Diner stops seating people at midnight, but they don't stop service - the (ideal) plan is we watch Mad Men at 10, finish at 11, and drive to Papermoon Diner sometime before midnight.

***And if people want to be real festive about it...
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I'd love to, but I work Sunday and Monday! Enjoy the sweet potato fries :)
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I'm in the Baltimore area and have never been to a meetup and would love to go, but I have to work Monday morning and this is much too late for me. :(
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I've only been to one MeFi Meetup (back when I lived in the Boston area), and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Now that I live in "I can't believe it's not Pennsylvania," I've been watching for a MeFi Meetup in the Baltimore area. Unfortunately, I've never watched Mad Men, so I'm not sure I'd want to spoiler things by watching a finale.

If I skip the Mad Men finale and just go to the diner -- well, that's a bit late for those of us who work for a living. It takes me 45 minutes to an hour to drive into Baltimore City on a weekend when there is light traffic. Suppose you get to the diner at 11:15 PM and eat, drink, and be merry for an hour. That puts me at home between 1:00 and 1:15 AM. My workday starts at 9, and my commute is 1h15m long, which means I need to leave the house by 7:45AM, which means I need to get up at 6:45AM. That gives me 5h30m of sleep, and I know I need at least 7h of sleep to properly function.

If you move the diner portion back to 8:45 PM, finish at 9:45, drive to wherever and watch Mad Men at 10, I get home at 10:45 at the latest, and I get enough sleep.

However, your very first sentence states that you'd like to talk about the finale. So perhaps this is not a good meetup choice for me anyway.
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Hey everyone - I'm cancelling the event because this seems like an inopportune time for everyone. I've taken your schedules into account, however (not on Sunday or Monday!), and at a better time, soonish, I'll create another event at Papermoon where we can do a proper IRL.

I just rediscovered FanFare a few days ago, I'll be having a panic attack over there tomorrow night...
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