Going to Chicago (but I'm not blue)
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Sun April 19 at 6:00 PM, Local Option
1102 West Webster Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
I will be in Chicago for some work-related stuff and would love to meet Chitown MeFites. The evenings I'm free are April 18-21, and I'm staying in the downtown hotels area. I'm open to going anywhere that is accessible via public transportation. Let's hang out!
OK: Picked the date & time: Sunday April 19 around 6pm at Local Option. Looking forward to meeting you fine folks!
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MetaFilter's own me3dia has an event on the 18th if folks are looking for something to do that night!
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As of right now I could do any of those nights but the 21st! Did you have any sense of what sort of thing(s) you'd like to do?
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Well I'm flexible - I like food, beer, food and beer, trivia; food, beer and trivia. Strangely even though I've been to Chicago several times, it's mostly been for academic conferences, so I'd love to go someplace that's NOT the downtown Hilton. Definitely interested in learning more about awesome local stuff.
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We've had success with the Long Room for low key meet-ups--it's got beer, but no food, though. We've done a Half Acre meet-up (it was a little tight and again, beer, but no food).

I'm a firm maybe--that weekend is busy for me.
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I was hoping someone would kick things off with some bar suggestions! There are so many new bars in Chicago that opened while I was living out of state that I still don't feel up to date on what to recommend. Long Room is probably a really good choice if we go with a weekend meetup - I think they might not get quite as crowded as a lot of other places. I feel like Half Acre is always so crowded these days that it might not be possible for a meetup anymore. Maybe Local Option?
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If it weren't such a pain for me personally to get to, I'd suggest Whistler, although I don't know anything about its beer selection. Fountainhead opened up a rooftop space, which sounds nice to me. I feel like I should make a Rock Bottom joke here
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Local Option looks really interesting and easily accessible. How does Sunday the 19th work for folks? Maybe around 5 or 6ish?
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it's best to just pick it and people will show up! Chicago does not do group decisions, for whatever reason. :)
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I am a last minute addition who is glad to have remembered this.
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Oops, I just remembered the brown line track work and thought I would mention it in case it affects anyone besides me!

DiscourseMarker, if you were planning to take a train up from downtown, go to a red line station and get on any northbound train that comes by (red to Howard or brown to Kimball) and take it to Fullerton. The brown line stations will all be closed downtown this weekend.
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Thanks for the tip, jessypie! I am planning on taking the train, so this is very good to know.
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Oh, man, I may have to bail. I'd love to come, but am really not in the mood to ride three miles through the rain.

Enjoy Local Option! It's a favorite.
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Yeah, this is some messy weather! I'm here already, at the far end of the bar, teal sweater.
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Just got to Fullerton, so I should be there shortly!
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