Easter Dinner at RMH
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Sun April 5 at 3:30 PM, Ronald McDonald House
5444 South Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's go to the Ronald McDonald house in Hyde Park and make Easter dinner for the families of sick kids. We've done this a couple times before. Dinner time is targeted at 5:00 pm, so plan accordingly as to when to show up. I'm planning on getting there around 3:00 to help everyone out and start working on whatever concoction I'm making...probably a lentil based stew dish. The Hyde Park house asks that we don't bring more than 12 volunteers, but I don't expect that's a problem. The house has 98% of the utensils and tools you need for cooking, we just need people to a) volunteer to be head chef for a dinner dish or b) volunteer to be sous chef for any / all of the head chefs. A variety of dishes that can get around a variety of tastes, allergies, and dietary restrictions is preferred by us, though the house is just happy for us to show up. We're typically cooking for 25 guests + us, and they'd prefer us to err on the side of leftovers if we can. We've rarely had issues with that though.
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I really like this. I will be in Milwaukee earlier that weekend and will have to figure out if my sister wanted Easter dinner with her family to be part of that. I'll update here when I know if I can commit.

If I can, I'd like to make a ham and/or mashed potatoes and/or deviled eggs. Because Easter.
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Same here: I'd really like to join you all, but don't yet know if I'll be back in town in time....

If I can make it, I'd be very happy to sous chef to anyone! And if I can make it early enough to go to the store, I could offer head-chefery of a kosher-for-passover dish (since it'll also be the middle of Passover) -- I'm thinking [veg] matzoh ball soup or spinach pie. I'll update here with what I can commit to as soon as I know!
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So, I am going to email our RMH contact with menu items in the next day or so. I will be making a hearty tomato lentil bisque and a few trays of corn muffins.

Please leave proposed menu items in the comments! :)
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It's looking pretty doubtful for me, unfortunately. :(
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I will be able to make it. I'd still like to cook a ham, but should I opt for a beef roast instead? And probably deviled eggs.
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I think poultry is usually safest-- and often the residents adhere to kosher/halal guidelines-so pork products and beef don't usually make it to the menu- though we have in the past...

So, make whatever you'd like to bring!

So far we have:

Roast beef or ham
Chicken breast
Hearty Tomato Lentil Bisque
Deviled eggs?

and whatever else anyone would like to bring. I will email the coordinator with these items now. :)

Thanks, all!
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Update from RMH- Ham is being served on Saturday, so they prefer we bring beef/poultry. :)
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Andy is going to bo make a baked Alfredo pasta dish that can be a side with the meat or an entree for non meat eaters. We are also dying Easter eggs.

Dessert options? I will brainstorm.
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I see chicken on the list you were going to email to RMH - is someone else bringing that? If not, I can do chicken instead of beef. I'm not sure what I'm doing.
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Did we ever get the meat issue solved? I realized I didn't check in with the thread and just now finished at the grocery store.

I am making mini apple dumplings from a recipe my mother has just suggested but I have never made. We'll see how that goes.
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