Slow Art Day @ Harvard Art Museums
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Sat April 11 at 2:00 PM, Harvard Art Museums
Harvard University, 32 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Slow Art Day is a worldwide event that invites you to experience museums in a different way. Instead of trying to see everything in the museum, we'll be looking at 5 works of art for 10 minutes apiece. This year, I'm hosting an event at the newly reopened Harvard Art Museums!
Register and read the logistical details here.

If you definitely want to be in a discussion group with other Mefites at the end, add "Metafilter" to your name when signing up so I know!

Museum admission is free to Harvard affiliates and Cambridge residents. If the fee would inhibit you from going, please contact me and we can likely work something out.
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Sounds interesting! Not sure if I can make the discussion group, but I qualify for the free-ness, so I think I'll come by.
posted by transient at 7:17 AM on March 26, 2015

Are the paintings a surprise? There's context that can make a difference, take Déjeuner sur l'herbe, there's such insane commentary, a huge book of Picasso sketches, album cover, etc that it'd be easy to spend hours. But some minimalist pieces seem more about personal meditation than observing what's on the canvas.
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Hey, sammyo! The list of art will be distributed at the event, so it'll be a surprise. I definitely hear you on some paintings that could be examined fruitfully for hours. The 10 minute mark is a necessary compromise that I imagine will feel very, very short to some and way longer than normal to most. Luckily for the former group, we'll have a museum guide stationed at each work of art to add as much context as they might like :) And if you're particularly familiar with the HAM or have any special requests for what to view, feel free to reach out! Our list is definitely not yet set in stone.
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Is the metafilter-affiliated part just the discussion afterwards? Or is the plan to meet up as a group so we all go to the five pieces with the same tour guide at once? (I vote for the latter, if anyone's asking me.)
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daisyace, your vote is noted, and I will make sure that you're in the same viewing group and discussion group as other Mefites!
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Thank you, estlin, that was a lot of fun!
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Of course! Thanks for coming!
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I wasn't asked for my name or anything, which was a little surprising, but I had no idea who else was from here. I had a good time though!
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