Open Day at the Arnhem hackerspace
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Sat March 28 at 10:00 AM, Hack42
Koningsweg 23A, 6816 TD Arnhem, Netherlands (Map & Directions)
My local hackerspace, Hack42 in Arnhem, will be having an Open Day on March 28. There will be workshops, free books, lectures, a children's activity, ancient computers and soup. Any MeFites interested in stopping by?
The event will run from 10:00 to 22:00. Some things to see and do on this day:
- a presentation on lockpicking given by an international champion (yes, those exist)
- a chance to try out for yourself what it's like to pick a lock
- a book presentation by internet journalist Brenno de Winter
- a crypto party which means a presentation plus hands-on workshop on computer and internet security
- make your own magnetic robot
- visit our museum of ancient computers and touch the exhibits
- relive your youth in our retro gaming area
- hang out at the bar, drink beer or Club Mate, eat soup

I will be there all day long and would really love to see any of you show up. I will personally give you a tour of the Space. Wear proper shoes, it's that big.
Public transport (the bus) will take you right there, there is free parking available.

Oh and the same (large) terrain also hosts several art events on that day, so there are definitely enough interesting things going on.
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I'm not usually awake enough on a weekend to go do something useful like catch a train before 10AM, and I have a b-day party to go to that evening already, but ... you've tempted me. So maaaaaaaybe.
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Too bad, I have other obligations the 28th, but I might drop by at a regular tuesday evening meeting some other time.
Moem gave me the tour earlier, its a great place to visit!
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you've tempted me.

My job = done. No big deal if you don't make it, great if you do.

I might drop by at a regular tuesday evening meeting some other time.

You should! Fridays are good too.
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