Tokyo in late July
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We're Aussies visiting Japan for the first time in late July, and would love to catch up with some MeFites to do, well, whatever!
Time and date pretty flexible - we're arriving in Osaka on July 23, leaving from Tokyo on August 3. Ideally, a catch-up in Tokyo on about July 28/29-ish sounds awesome. Are there any MeFites interested in showing us a part of the city that they love?
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I'd love to come out and see you, but I can't really commit to things long term. When we get closer to the date, I'll have a better idea. On the other hand, if you like beer, I'm reasonably sure we can give you pointers on awesome places in Osaka, Tokyo, and elsewhere.
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Assuming I'm still in Japan by late July, I'm definitely down for a meet up or showing you folks around. But yeah, as Ghidorah says, a bit too far out still to know for sure. Keep us updated.
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I heard a rumor recently … just a rumor … about a place that might be opening 'soon', and which Tokyo MeFites would definitely like to check out. As it seems there's quite a bit of lead time on this potential meetup, perhaps the location might be a very easy pick!
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I'm not sure if this is kosher or not, but the rumor took a dive into reality, and Mrs. Ghidorah and I are busy setting up our, uh, it's hard to explain. It's sort of a place. We make food which we hope to sell for profit. There are places to sit. You're all welcome to check it out. If it's still up and running in July, it might could do.
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But will there be beer?
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Also, please don't be paranoid about self linking here. A Tokyo MeFite opening a restaurant is worthy news for a Tokyo Meetup thread. Please tell us about the new place! When? Where? etc. etc.
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Not sure if I could get up to Tokyo, but I could (depending on work details) see you if you're spending any time in Osaka/Kansai.
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It's in Aoyama, three minutes from Omotesando station. It's part of the Pop-up@Aoyama complex, three container boxes connected by a covered wood deck. Our shop will be the one at the back, there's a karaage shop in the middle, and the box closest to the street (Aoyama dori) is the Brimmer Beer Box, which yes, has beer. Hope to see you guys sometime soon.
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… will be …

When do you open? Still undecided?
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There's a lot we need to get done. We might try to open this weekend, sort of a soft open thing, but it really depends on a number of things. If not this weekend, we should be up and running by next week, I hope.
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Seconding emmling, Osaka might work for me as well.
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Darn, I was just at Brimmer a few days ago. I wish there was some way to find topics like this other than by accident....
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You could always come back. We're actually having our full on opening tomorrow night, if anyone is in for an impromptu meetup.
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'Tomorrow' means Friday, or Saturday?
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Sorry, tomorrow meant, uh, today. We were pretty packed, and things went well. Pretty hopeful about the future there. So far two Tokyo Mefites have dropped by, as well as a pretty nice guy who asked me if I was Ghidorah, then identified himself as a longtime lurker who found out about my place from this post, which was pretty awesome.
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Thanks for the tasty food … and the conversation! And sorry to keep you chatting at the window there, when you perhaps should have been busy together with Masami-san, who didn't stop working all the time I was there ...

Any other Tokyo MeFites still reading this thread, please consider a visit to Ghidorah's Magical Animal - think of it as a 'test run' for the next meetup!
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Ghidorah, don't know when I'll be visiting again, but congratulations on the new endeavor!
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Anytime you can make it is a good time, Runes. Looking forward to seeing what you think of my pulled pork.
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Oh, wow, Ghidorah that sounds awesome!! Will definitely firm up some details closer to and post in the thread here to confirm.
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Yes indeed. I like the sound of this. Best of luck with the pop up making food for profit place!
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Sadly won't be in town in that time frame. Enjoy Tokyo! Keep hydrated.
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