So You Think You Can Trivia?
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Wed March 4 at 7:30 PM, Joe Sent Me, Cambridge
2388 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Neither weather nor other trivia teams shall defeat us, for we are the Taters. Come one, come all to Joe Sent Me, Wednesday at 7:30pm for Geeks Who Drink trivia. Let's show this snow who's boss.
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My attendance will depend on whether a parking ban is in effect, but I'd love to come down.
posted by Rustic Etruscan at 7:48 AM on March 2, 2015

Argh, don't say parking ban. Though I guess if there is one, I don't know that we can come either.

Think warm thoughts.
posted by DiscourseMarker at 8:56 AM on March 2, 2015

Maybe? Not sure what work will be like this week.
posted by maryr at 10:44 AM on March 2, 2015

Unfortunately, Hypatia and I will be flying to a warmer place on Wednesday, so we won't be able to make it. Doubly unfortunately, I'm carrying around our gift certificate from last time. Maybe we can arrange a handoff? (I know Hypatia works near HoraceRumpole and DiscourseMarker, maybe she could drop it off around lunchtime tomorrow?)
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Firechicago-sent you a memail.
posted by DiscourseMarker at 6:19 PM on March 2, 2015

I bet that as soon as the clock hits two, that freshly-cleaned street is packed with porking!
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I will probably be there
posted by jpdoane at 11:42 AM on March 3, 2015

no one can stop the pork king

Of course not, he's a sage sausage, he knows what's best.
posted by maryr at 11:56 AM on March 3, 2015 [1 favorite]

really hamming it up in this thread...
posted by backseatpilot at 12:05 PM on March 3, 2015

Tonight's themes include:
Blow Me
8-Bit Hits
They're Still Only 78% As Evil As Men
Idris Elba Makes Everything Hotter
One-Off Broadway
So we own the complete set of The Wire DVDs, but I only watched one episode of Luther. Which one of you is going to mainline Idris Elba's filmography before 8pm tonight?
posted by DiscourseMarker at 9:26 AM on March 4, 2015

Pacific Rim. Thor/Avengers. A couple episodes of The Office. That's all I've got.
posted by maryr at 9:32 AM on March 4, 2015

I saw Pacific Rim recently and we're about 1.5 seasons through Luther. WHICH YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING.
posted by backseatpilot at 9:39 AM on March 4, 2015

I was worried about the parking situation so I showed up obscenely early lol

do you guys want me to call dibs on any table in particular
posted by Rustic Etruscan at 3:26 PM on March 4, 2015

That row of three tables to the right of the barber chair. DM and I leaving momentarily.
posted by Horace Rumpole at 3:46 PM on March 4, 2015

We're wishing you luck from poolside here in New Orleans, where it is 80 degrees. #notgloating #totallygloating
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It was awesome meeting everyone - you guys rock!!
posted by estlin at 7:01 PM on March 4, 2015 [2 favorites]

We do, I can't deny that.
posted by maryr at 2:16 PM on March 6, 2015

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