Chicago Book Exchange Meetup?
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Sun March 29 at 4:00 PM, Tchad Workrooms
4403 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Would anybody be interested in a book exchange like we did last time at my workrooms on 29 March?
Cold Lurkey had asked me about a book meetup over the Christmas break, but I wasn't able to make that happen. That made me sad like this :(


I've got the whole day open on the Sunday 29 March and the workrooms are looking good and ready for everyone.

Thoughts? I'm ALWAYS excited by the idea of MetaFilter folks being in my general proximity, I just can't make it happen that often.

I'm super flexible on the time, so if anybody wants to throw out other options, just yell and we'll switch it around.
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This sounds awesome! I've got a commitment from 1-5 pm though, so I can't confirm for the time.
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OH MY GOD THIS IS SUCH GOOD TIMING I HAVE SO MANY BOOKS I JUST CULLED EXCEPT: I ride my bike everywhere and I'm a small baby weakling and I have like, my body mass in books. Do any Mefites with cars maybe feel like giving me a ride from Avondale? You get first pick of the books!
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I haven't finished all of my books from last year yet, but I am super onboard with this. (Unlike last time, we've finally unpacked all our books from our move so I have both more to give away and more idea of what space I can fill with MORE BOOKS)
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This was awesome last time, and is awesome this time. I think I can make it again, and I can probably give Juliet Banana's and her books a ride.
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As far as the time goes, I am more than happy to make it something like 4-9 p.m. or something. Pretty much whatever you guys want is a-o-k with me!
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Ooh, great idea. I'm about to free up some more shelf space too.
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Cool, are we going to donate the books that don't find a new home to the same women's prison library as last time?
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Yes, that sounds good for the paperbacks and either Iridic or Garlic mentioned another one we can take the hardbacks to, but I can't remember it offhand.

If anybody wants to drop books off between now and then, just message me and we can make that happen as well.
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YESSS! I am totally up for this.
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OK, guys!
I'm painting today and tomorrow and getting it all set... I'm so excited about Sunday!
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Are we bringing food/drinks too?
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Yes! Bring food and drinks! and books!

I have a couple of bottles of wine and some soda and water, and a few crackers and cheeses.
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I'll bring room temperature seltzer, if that'll tempt crush sufficiently. And maybe some other snacky type things.
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With Jake's downstairs, I can get all the ice we need. It won't be room temp for long.
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Ok. I'll bring red beans and rice along.
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So I'll figure on being here from 4 o'clock on.

For anybody who hasn't been up here before, there will be a sign on the door - text or call me to be let in.

And here is my food drink inventory at the workroom right now: Coke, water, tonic water, club soda, crackers, a Tuscan loaf, some cream cheese, matzo, tea, and instant coffee.

Feel free to bring anything else to add to the pile. I have glasses, plates and cutlery.

See you guys from 4 p.m. on! Yay!
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Things just got a lot more tentative by me, so, if at all, I'll be there closer to six.
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I'll be here until 8 or so if you want to just drop things off, but it looks like people are going to be coming in and out for a while.
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this was great! thanks for hosting Tchad!
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Yeah, I can't wait to get reading. Thanks, Tchad!
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