Seoul Meetup
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We've done it before and it was grand. Well, there were three of us. I'd like to do it again.
My preferences are Gangnam, Itaewon/Noksapyeong/Hannam, or Hongdae.

If significant drinking is in order, a round (or a bottle) is on me. Weekends, unfortunately, are pretty bad for me, but otherwise, Feb and March are good times to do the do.

Who's around?
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You can always contact me via MeMail, and I'm happy to give out my phone #.

I've been here 12 years and know lots of good places for foods & beverages.
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I work early mornings most days so weekdays are tough for me, but am going to be mostly free the last two weeks of February. I got kids and shit though, so my attendance is tentative at best and should be by no means relied on.
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Second to last week of Feb is good for me.
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I'd love to come but don't return to Seoul until March 1. I'm available weekdays afterwards.
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March is good for me too. Let's see if anyone else chimes in--I know there are more of us here.

(And after all these years, Stavros and I still haven't met...Stav, if you're out there, make a trip to the big city, dude!)
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You know I'd love to, but, man, I really do hate the Big City. If I end up having a biz trip scheduled around that time period -- typically up to our Songdo facility near Incheon -- I'll pop back in here and see if it's figureoutable, though.
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Hi Stavros, I go to Songdo now and again too - the university where I work has a campus there. When i was driven from Songdo to Gangnam, it was about 30 minutes by car, an hour by bus.
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Oh, I know. Been in Korea for 19 years now (dear sweet monkey jesus, I can't believe it myself).

But I live in Gwangyang, about 5 hours south -- I get up Songdo way to our Global R&D Centre on the company dime a few times a year, to run workshops and suchlike stuff.
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And I work in Songdo, so let me know the next time either of you come around and maybe we can do an impromptu meetup.
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This is turning into a Songdo meet up!

City of the future.
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I can definitely come if it's Gangnam, and maybe come if it's Songdo.
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Oh I didn't mean to move the focus of this meetup! I was just saying in passing that...

Anyway, I don't know if Friday is a weeknight to you people (heh), but I have to be in Hongdae March 6th for work.
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Friday is a weekend for me...I have morning classes on the 7th.

Hongdae can be added to possible venues, though. I lived there from '02 - '07 (Hapjeong, actually, but hey).
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Hongdae/Hapjeong's good for me, I live in Digital Media City.
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I was going to suggest my brother's pizza and pasta joint, but sadly it doesn't look near any of the locales you are considering. The place is near Seoul Forest, and has a good selection of imported microbrew beers along with food made by a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef.
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