First we Goat, then we Frog
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Wed February 4 at 6:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Meet at the Billy Goat Tavern. Drink tiny beers, eat a double with cheese, talk about / to the dapper bartender. Then around 9, make your way to the Blue Frog, and let the ambiance wash over you.
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Then we dance!
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Are we going dancing? Because I'm overdue for a trip to Neo.
posted by eamondaly at 10:38 PM on January 21, 2015

I want you guys to know that yesterday at the AMS meetup we (a) decided that we should have live streaming for IRLs, and (b) decided that we should start with Chicago because Frog. Also possibly because of eamondaly's impeccable dress sense.
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Oh, it's pretty peccable.
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Consider the Bartender
You won’t find the Billy Goat Tavern’s Jeff Magill making flashy pours or mixing exotic cocktails. It’s not those things that make a great bartender.
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Hey! I think I'll actually be able to make it! I miss you guys.
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I'm going to try real hard to make this! It's been a long time since i've been to a meetup.
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Also, in case you've forgotten what I look like, I'll be the guy with two broken fingers!
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I hope that happened in a comically overly aggressive three stooges related incident.
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It's Monday (and a day I get to work from home because the sidewalks are dangerous); yet this week is already trying to kill me.
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I see the assassins have failed.
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Well, I am an invisible ninja, so, I'm not an easy target.
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what up long time
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kyler. . . uh, hi. so, there you are. hi! love the sweater.
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Oh, shit! Kyler! You old son of a gun.
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Don't forget your coatcoat.
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I'm here!
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"Papa needs a gin and tonic" is a thing that I just said to myself in the mirror of a bathroom I thought was empty until somebody flushed in the stall.

So I'm leaving work now.
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On my way. Outside for the first time today. Apparently I missed the sun.
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Floweringjudas and I are on the bus, despite the fact that my alarm goes off at four am.
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Sounds like a great time already. Alas, I'm not going to make it.
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Me neither. I had to work late.
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Is Slumming-It-Ryan-Gosling the Serial Cropduster? Stay tuned, MetaHounds!
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I'm sorry I missed out on this, BUT after 3 seasons of broomball, we finally won our first game! It didn't hurt that we were playing a team even less skilled than us, and they didn't pressure us so we could stop the ball, look for teammates, then pass the ball.
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Wow. Two things to ponder. What the hell Ryan Gosling as a cropduster means (sekrit code?) and the mysteries of three seasons of winless broomball.
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Oh, Dave. Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave.
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who's this Dave fellow?
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Dave's not here.
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SYNAPSIDS. That's what I was trying to recall. Dimetrodon was a synapsid that surely appeared in your grade-school textbooks.

I'm still wrong two ways, though: a) Dimetrodon predates the Triassic so it's not considered a true dinosaur and b) it's not a direct ancestor of mammals (though closely related).
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Related: cake versus pie.
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Related related: Cake Boss on the "death cake."
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Didn't I say synapsid like 8 times last night? Someone back me up on this.
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That was not the word I was hearing. Then again, it was hard to hear anything over the screams of "HIP JOINT! HIP JOINT!"
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Also, cake vs. pie is a false dichotomy. Everyone loves cake. Cake will always win. Cake being better than pie doesn't detract from pie being delicious.

That's like saying which of your children do you love more. Obviously you have a favorite, but you still love your pie-child.

Reminder to self: do not have kids.
posted by phunniemee at 11:38 AM on February 5, 2015

Why waste time on things that are not the most delicious?
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By the way, I am eating a Blu[sic] Raspberry Dum-Dum right now.
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You should buy me another beer because your [sic] still ugly
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I like pie more than cake.

Eamon, you are gorgeous.
posted by adamdschneider at 11:21 AM on February 6, 2015

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