New Orleans Impulse Trip!
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CANCELLED - I got a new job and won't be able to take the time off. Sorry not sorry!
Original post here: Completely on impulse, I bought a ticket from Chicago to New Orleans because it was $96! But I have no plans! So let's make some! My plane arrives at MSY at 10:30 am on Thursday, March 5 and departs at 6:40 pm on Saturday, March 7. So let's do a thing! Anything! I am celebrating a thing, so celebration-oriented things are welcome.
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Great. That gives us the requisite two weeks to have recovered from Mardi Gras.
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Hey, all you "maybes" - you're going to have to suggest a place to go. I literally have no idea. I'm looking for places to stay in Marigny and I don't plan on renting a car.
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Whaddya want? Food? Drink? Specific kind of booze or cuisine?
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Let's go get some drinks! I'm not picky at all about beverages, I'd just like someplace that's good for talking. Not sure if bars allow smoking down there but I'd prefer not to be around too much of it.

I'm definitely staying in the Marigny on Frenchmen so anything within walking distance would be great. I'm guessing Friday night would be best for most people but Thursday is fine with me too.
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Our city council is currently in big debate about banning smoking in bars, so yeah, you'll find some undesirable drinking locations. Thankfully most of the places I like have voluntary smoking bans in place.

My recommendation would be Cane & Table since it's on Decatur close to Frenchmen, non-smoking, and I know I can get a hell of a well-made cocktail there, plus small plates of food if anyone's hungry. There's an outdoor courtyard if the weather's nice. Inside, though, might be cramped depending on how many attend, and it can get loud inside.
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There's always Mimi's. We went there for the 10 year meetup as well.
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Er, missed the memo about the smoke. Mimi's downstairs is so full of smoke it's hazy sometimes.
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Yeah, avoiding smoky bars in New Orleans is tough. It's still definitely legal here, unless something surprising happens when the city council votes tomorrow. Cane and Table works for me, I've been meaning to check it out!
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Cane & Table works for me (omg, I just now got the pun!). Is Thursday or Friday better for people? Again, no preference here.
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The smoking ordinance is currently up for debate in city council - like right now real-time - so who knows? Maybe by the time you get here everywhere will be non-smoking.

... but I doubt it.

Thursday's better for me in the general sense that bars probably won't be as crowded and conversation will be easier, but then again I don't have to work on Saturday so maybe a Friday night is best.
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Can't think of many better reasons to cancel a trip. Good luck with the new job!
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Congrats on the new job!
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The VRBO person is being a stickler about the non-refundable $250 deposit; she said she will refund it only if she can rebook those dates (March 5 and 6). So if any of you have visiting friends or family who want to stay at this cute cottage, I will give them $50 so's I can get the rest of my money back.

(Aside: the airfare was a totally lost cause since the cancellation fee was more than the total cost minus government taxes/fees. I have a $20 nontransferable voucher that I will probably not use.)
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