Let's do a thing in Cincinnati!
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Hangout meetup funtimes on a weekday evening or Sunday afternoon.
Hello Cincinnati!

I missed out on the last meetup but I heard it was a success. Shall we hang again?

I work Saturday afternoons/evenings but would anyone be interested in meeting up on a weeknight or perhaps for Sunday lunch/drinks? I hear Rhinegeist on a Sunday afternoon is usually a fun, mellow time and conducive to large groups toting board games or what have you.
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Sounds great! The Littlefield in Northside has a great Sunday brunch, Molly Malone's in Pleasant Ridge does trivia on Tuesdays (I would LOVE that)....we have lots of options!
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if I am available I'd be happy to join in.
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I haven't been to the Littlefield yet and would love an excuse to go. I also think we'd make a great trivia team, but I have yoga on Tuesdays. The Covington Molly Malone's has their pub quiz on Wednesdays....
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Pictures from 5chw4rz of the Littlefield.
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I love the idea of Molly Malone's because it's just down the street from me, haha.

Tizzie, out of curiosity, where do you do yoga? I'm looking for a good place.

Are we interested in the trivia idea?
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It's just a small class at our teacher's house. I know other really good teachers with open classes - I'll mefi-mail you some, NOTWBD.

I like the trivia idea, but just sitting around yakking and imbibing is fine, too.
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Gah, I knew I should've looked at my MeFi mail alerts earlier! I had a bunch of fun meeting y'all at the Madtree meetup, and I'd definitely be down with another one sometime soon. I'm all for pub quiz (I lettered in high school quiz bowl) or other gameological diversions, but I'm up for less structured forms of carousing as well. My schedule is highly variable depending on the week, but I can see about moving things around if I know the meetup date a week or two in advance.
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I actually may not be the best person to be organizing this thing, given that my job frequently demands that I stay way past quittin' time on zero notice. But ... how's 7pm on 2/11 at Madtree sound? Just to sit and hang.
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2/11 I have a meeting, but I could do 2/18.
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Not that I'm opposed to Madtree, but Dutch's is doing a West Sixth tap takeover that night.
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I could go for that plan.
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YES! but uh, February 11 is the Planned Parenthood fundraiser at Brew House. Y'all should come! Message me for details if you haven't heard about it yet.

Can we do something the following week? I'm out of town this weekend, but maybe the next weekend?
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BTW I'm totally in for that Feb 18 event at Dutch's. Dutch's gets a little squished at times, though -- there's also the new Growler House in East Walnut Hills, too.
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Wednesdays at Madtree are their hopped up dinners which definitely causes crowds.

Dutch's is usually good in the big room with the communal table or in the Larder building (i.e. the old Starbucks). But I am really up for anything.
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Has this fizzled on account of weather, or do we have a plan?
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I am stranded in the south thanks to this %#%^ weather... maybe we should reschedule for a warmer time?
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I sadly can't make it tomorrow so I'd appreciate a reschedule but don't do that just for me.
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