NOLA in early March...
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Sat March 7 at 7:00 PM, Courtyard Brewing
1020 Erato Street, New Orleans, LA, USA (Map & Directions)
Green Eyed Monster and I will be in NOLA, and available, from March 9th to the 13th. Meetup anyone? Show us your fine city! We've decided on Courtyard brewing on Erato.
I'll be asking for advice on what to see, where to stay etc, soon in AskMe, so if you have suggestions to that end, we're ears.
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Goddamnit. I always flake, but last time a friend died like the day before and I just didn't feel like being social. I'm forever a 'maybe' :( But I'll keep checking the thread and see what develops!
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Ooh, here's where I do my NOLA linkfest. Places you might want to check out:
Sucré Dessert Shop
Chickie Wah Wah Music Venue and BBQ where Alexis and the Samurai play Monday nights and are a particular favorite of mine.
Maple Leaf Bar has great music, and it's right next to Jacques-Imo's Cafe. Check in with the hostess, and you can wait for your table at the Maple Leaf, listening to Rebirth Brass Band on Tuesdays.
Antoine's Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in America. Very Pricey.
We have a fine Zoo, Aquarium, and Insectarium. You can bundle your tickets for a discount.
Audubon Park and City Park are beautiful and free to visit.
There are numerous galleries throughout the city, Julia Street downtown is famous for them.
Magazine Street further down in the Garden District is another nice street full of shops and galleries.

I could go on all night about this wonderful city. Bring your walking shoes, hats, sunscreen, and change in $1.25 increments.
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If you plan to go to Sucre, shoot me a Memail. I work there and if I'm around I'd love to hook you up.
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Ok, so life intervened and I haven't done much to firm up this meetup...shame on me!

What would people say to Saturday night, the 7th? That way we can pick your brains on what we should and should not see. What's a good place to meet? We like beer.

I think our hotel is very near the convention center, if that helps pick an area.
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I can't make it that night, but just to let everyone know, this Mahalia Jackson tribute concert promises to be awesome and free, which is a good combination.
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Well, we actually get into town Friday night, but the wife has a convention through Tuesday. We though earlier might be better, but we're game whenever for the most part.
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Oh, hey! Thanks for the memail reminder! We've done one at Avenue Pub before, which is one of the best beer pubs in the city (although not a brew pub - to my knowledge the only ones we have are a Gordon Biersch and the Crescent City Brewhouse, both in the Quarter and neither of which I've been to). It's not far from the convention center, although you might have to take the streetcar a mile down St. Charles. They have a ton of taps and bottles, and also have a huge whiskey collection. They have great food, too. It's generally chill, but can be busy on the weekend.
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Beer! Gordon Biersch is on Convention Center Blvd. There's also Zea on St. Charles and the Crescent City Brewhouse on Decatur. There's also NOLA Brewing Co. on Tchoupitoulas. If you love beer, you also need to take some time to visit the Abita Brewery on the north shore.
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I use a lot of also's when I get excited.
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Okay, Let's say Courtyard brewing - looks like it's walkably close - at seven on Saturday night.
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(And if it's decided that's a poor fit, NOLA brewing on Tchoupitoulas looks good too!)
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I went out on a run and stopped by Courtyard. They will have a pizza truck there tonight!
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I'm heading out soon but it will probably take me about a half hour to get there. When I do, I'm a tall white girl with curly hair and nerdy glasses, and I'm wearing a black dress and black tights with a gray cardigan. Two non-MeFite friends of mine might show up later; I hope that's alright!
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We are sitting at a spool eating pizza.
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We are here! Couple normal looking weirdos seated round one of the spools near the entrance!
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Forgot I needed gas. On my way for real now though.
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We're here! Which spool? I'm wearing a (fake) leather jacket and Robert is the tall fellow in a navy sweater over plaid button up.
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If it was Monday, we'd go to Chickie Wah Wah and listen to Alexis and the Samurai while eating BBQ. On Tuesday, we'd eat at Jacques Imo's and listen to Rebirth Brass Band next door at the Maple Leaf. On Wednesday's we go running with the Happy's Irish Pub running club and have 2 for 1 beers after. Thursday, we'd see a concert at the Civic, Tipitinas, the Joy, the Seanger, or the House of Blues (Thursdays are less crowded). Friday we'd go to the Frenchman Art Market and eat/drink at Snug Harbor, the Spotted Cat, d.b.a., Blue Nile, or the Maison while we listen to live music. Saturday we'd go kayaking on Bayou St. John and have a picnic lunch from the St. James Cheese Company that we'd packed before. Sunday we'd go to brunch at Cafe Aidelade and wear fancy hats to get free cocktails. After that, we'd go to the Aquarium and watch an IMAX movie, maybe going to the Insectarium afterward to see the butterflies and beetles.
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Headed to the Rusty Nail!
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