Decatur, GA meetup
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According to my search it's been a while since there was an Atlanta area meetup. Anybody feel like meeting at The Imperial in Decatur some Wednesday? Full disclosure: I'm one of the owners.
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This sounds like fun! I have never been to The Imperial. I live on the eastern edge of Decatur and I guess it's just kind of a long walk from my house and there are too many other bars along the way? It will be cool to try something new.

Wednesday is a not-great day for me, but if that's a good day for everyone else, I can skip my thing.
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Sounds like fun. Wednesday's are OK for us (most weekdays are fine).
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Sounds good, but week nights can be problematic.
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Sure, it's hit or miss for me midweek but whatever. I can make most things work.
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I'm interested! Any day is fine.
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I'm down. I live in Medlock Park just behind increasingly-defunct North Dekalb Mall, and I've never been to the Imperial. Weekday nights are problematic for me too, though. I have a pretty busy weeknight slate.
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Sounds good!
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Count me as a maybe - I've never been to the Imperial, sounds like fun!
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Wednesday's not a requirement. If we start after nine, we could do any night other than Monday (trivia).
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After 9pm on a weeknight is too late for us - we're up at 5:30am weekday mornings and don't want to be out that late. But most any weeknight early is fine by us. If we go for a weekend, then lunch is easier to do than dinner.
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As an ATLien...yes please! user:pourtant and I are avaliable weeknights usually after 6:30-7
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I would show up on a Wednesday.
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