Meet me in St. Louis!
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Thu March 26 at 7:00 PM, Earthbound Brewery
2710 Cherokee Street, Saint Louis, MO, USA (Map & Directions)
Come drink "St. Louis's Weirdest Beer" on Thursday, March 26 starting at 7 PM. I'm around March 24-29 with trips to the zoo, the loop, blues, and ?? so let me know if you want to do anything else.
I'm in town for an anthropology conference, but there's more to see in St. Louis than anthropologists! I've got some Wash U area things to do Tuesday during the day, and I'll be at the conference (downtown by the stadium) Thursday and Friday. The only other thing I know I am doing is going to hear/dance to Kim Massie on Thursday night at Beale on Broadway.

So! Let's get dinner, drinks, or something! I know the Loop and South Grand fairly well as of 2010, but I am sure there are many more fabulous things going on! I'm staying close to Wash U, but am very comfortable navigating around with Metrolink and the buses, so... anywhere is good!
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Sure, I'm probably in.

Just FYI, the StL MeFites are pretty laid back. I'm sure we'd be happy to throw some suggestions out there, but so long as there's food and drink, people will show.
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I agree with Ufez about "laid back"; nobody has ever been overly-finicky. In the past, a central(-ish) City location is usually chosen (county MeFi folks usually have cars; City folks less so).

Past that; I leave it up to the more well-versed among us to suggest a location. Anybody got a favorite place, or a place they've been wanting to check out?
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I don't know what folks are up for, but I love Pho Grand a lot!!! And, like I said, I'm headed to Beale on Broadway Thursday to listen/dance to Kim Massie, so anyone is invited. We could maybe do dinner/drinks Thursday, and then any interested parties could come to blues?

Or something else entirely, too. I am also pretty laid back :-)
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I'm positively inclined - let's see if I remember this in a month or two!
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You all might be interested in this:
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Yes please!!!
OK. Do you guys prefer drinking St. Louis's weirdest beer on Thursday or Friday?
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That place sounds interesting! And there's a few other places in that area that we could bounce around to if a change of scene is needed.

I don't really have a preference for day of week either.
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OK! Let's go with Friday, then.
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notsnot and I should be able to make it.
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Would you guys be hugely upset if we switch to Thursday??
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Thursday would work better for me, for what that's worth.
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Shouldn't be an issue for me either.
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So far, I'm in the minority but won't be able to make it if it's Thursday. Just piping in for what it's worth.
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And now I noticed never RSVPed one way or the other any way. Ooops. I'll try to drop in after my other event.
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In case no one has told you yet, you MUST go to The City Museum.

I was very happy to meet St. Louis MeFites when I visited! I hope y'all have fun!
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Yay so excited for this!
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Yay! Me too! I may have to do some social interacting at the conference until 7 so I may be slightly late, but I'll get there!
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We'll try to make it! Fantastic choice of venue.
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Will be there slightly late tonight; I'll be at the 20thW debates (same block, actually -- 2720 Cherokee). Debates start at 6:45, but shouldn't take long. Looking forward to seeing y'all at 7:30-ish.
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I'm here early. Right by the door, but it's tiny, so finding us should be pretty easy.
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We will be a little late (current status: naked and covered in lye), but will come soon bearing pretzels!
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Here, but phone is dying... I am sitting by the bar ... Glasses and a black sweater!
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Ufez Jones and I have found eachother! We are by the door.
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It was great meeting all of you - thanks for coming out! Let me know if you find yourself in Columbus, which (though it might not inspire the passion St. Louis clearly does) is still pretty great and also had exciting beer.
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