Shreveport NWLA/CenLA Roundup
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Is there any interest in a Shreveport-Bossier City meetup before Mardi Gras? I am new to the city and I would like to meet some people.
Shreverport is great. Metafilter is great. Let's smush the two together.

The goal: let's meet before Mardi Gras! I am new to town. I don't know anyone really. ArkLaTex, CenLa, etc. Come on in. Shreveport is surprising. Austin ca. 1990. With casinos and more despair but that's everywhere nowadays so.

I am not sure about the venue since I don't know who's hiding in the woods: families? ninjas? families of ninjas, totoros?

Just throwing this out there. Feel free to pm me. I am interested in checking out the area in my free time.
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Shreveport is my hometown and I have family there. There's a small chance I'll be there, and if so, I'm going to need an excuse to flee, so I'll keep this on my radar.
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