New Orleans: Jan. 2, Domenica
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Fri January 2 at 4:00 PM, Domenica
123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm coming to New Orleans for New Years! Anyone interested in a meetup?
I'm pretty flexible and any evening (or possibly daytime) between Dec. 28 and Jan. 5 would work, with the exceptions of Dec. 31 and Jan. 3. I'm staying in the CBD and would prefer something within walking distance, although my definition of "walking distance" is pretty generous, and I could be persuaded to find transportation to something further out if there's a good reason.
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I'm out of town until the 2nd but I might be up for something after that!
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We could meet up for food, drinks, or a show. What are your hobbies? There's bound to be something going on relevant to your interests.
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Oh, serendipity! I'd like to actually come this time, if we can go to a baby-friendly place. My spawn is a cutie, I promise -- and last time around others were asking for a potluck / family type deal (I ended up bailing because pregnant.)
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I'm always up for food and drinks. Can any of the locals suggest a baby-friendly place?
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Yes! Hi! My brother and his girlfriend are also in town, so it kind of depends on what they're up to, but I am otherwise open!
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Domenica inside the Roosevelt is delicious and got a good write-up here for kid friendliness. They have an excellent happy hour (half priced drinks & pizza) from 3-5pm on weekdays.

Another Besh creation, American Sector, is attached to the WWII Museum so I imagine they get lots of family traffic. They recently got a new chef and menu update so maybe worth checking out.

Carmo is something different, a "tropical cafe" with tons of veggie options and interesting juices. They are really nice so I imagine would be accommodating, but I have never been in the evening for dinner/drinks.

How about the evening of the 2nd? If I don't have to head out of town (helping a friend move) then I'll be there :)
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Just realized my original post might not have been clear on my availability — I could do something during the day on January 3, just not in the evening. So, either Friday (Jan. 2) evening, or noonish Saturday (Jan. 3)? Does one or the other work better for people?
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OK, I'm calling it — I like ista's idea of happy hour at Domenica. I hope 4 p.m. isn't too early — I don't know if people have to work on the 2nd — but I imagine we'll be there for at least a couple of hours if people can't make it right at 4.
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Oddly, I'll be in town as well. Not sure of our schedule, but may drop by and crash the party if we can.
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I'm working my regular hours on the 2nd - no break for me - so I will be unable to attend.
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Cool, I'll be there! Eating all the carrot pizza... mmm.
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Looking forward to seeing ista, and hopefully many others, tomorrow. I'll be wearing sort of a red-and-white checked button-down shirt. I'm also MeMailing my cell number to those who have replied so far; feel free to text me before or during if you need to get in touch. I'll check this thread periodically too, but text is probably the most convenient method.
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I should be able to make it, unless something goes wrong with our Old New Orleans rum tasting!
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I wish I could have made it! Next time count me in. Hi Corinth!
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Any fun to report? Or was a terrible time had by all?
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Any fun to report? Or was a terrible time had by all? You wish you perpetual non shower.

We had a great time making fun of you and umbú.
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Hey now, I showered today and almost every day last week.
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