Show an Aussie a good time in Wellington!
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Wed December 10 at 5:30 PM, The Rogue & Vagabond
18 Garrett Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand (Map & Directions)
I'll be in Wellington for the second week of December, and have nothing to do on the Wednesday night (Dec 10th). Anybody up for a few quiet midweek beers after work?
Looks like the venue is the Rogue & Vagabond, starting somewhere in the 5:30 - 6-ish vicinity.
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That sounds like a good idea. The craft beer movement is strong in Wellington so we should be able to think of somewhere decent to go. That said, I almost never go to pubs so maybe someone else can suggest an actual venue ;-).
posted by Pink Frost at 3:14 PM on November 30, 2014

Hey all... Well it looks like we've got a meetup quorum, next step is a venue... Any suggestions?
posted by russm at 1:53 PM on December 1, 2014

There are two venues in Edward St itself: Meow and Little Beer Quarter. Both decent enough venues - I was in LBC around 6 last Wednesday and it was reasonably crowded, Meow is bigger so shouldn't have that problem. Both do a good range of beers and have food. I've tried the LBC pizza which was good enough but nothing exceptional.

Plenty of other places an easy walk from there, as well.
posted by Pink Frost at 5:00 PM on December 1, 2014

As I don't drink beer, I didn't chime in with a venue suggestion, but I'd be keen on Meow.
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If people like Meow that makes things easier - I'll be on Edward St to collect some stuff from there (I didn't suggest it in case anyone had preferred venues).

I've got a training session around the corner with a scheduled (though perhaps optimistic) finish at 5:00, then will wander down to Meow.
posted by russm at 12:59 AM on December 2, 2014

I recently got into craft beers. A place close to the waterfront that serves anything from the Garage Project brewery would be neat. I live in Lower Hutt, so I'm not as familiar with the scene in Welly CBD as others may be. There's a place in Glover Park that does good pizza (The Rogue & Vagabond?). Although, I may be bias because they're the only place I've encountered that had a dairy-free pizza on the menu. Not sure if it's still the same place there or not.
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Oh yeah, Rogue and Vagabond is good - especially if it's warm and sunny and you can lounge in Glover Park (nb warm and sunny may have different connotations in Wellington and Australia).

I won't be along until about 630, so I'll join you guys wherever.
posted by Pink Frost at 5:35 PM on December 2, 2014

Cool - 2 votes works for me. Unless there's any strong objection I'll switch the location there.
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OK, the Rogue & Vagabond it is. See you all on Wednesday! I'll drop a comment in here on the day once I know what I'm wearing rather than doing the "Hi are you a friend of Matt's?" thing to random strangers...
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I have to go into Welly to do some Xmas shopping in the afternoon, so I'll probably be there at 5:30. I'll be the slim guy with a long ponytail in a grey blazer with blue jeans. Weather doesn't look that great for Wednesday at the moment, but this is NZ, so hey, we might get lucky. As long as it's not raining at the time, just bring some warm clothes and it should be nice outside (same n.b. as Pink Frost applies).
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OK, I'll see you there around 5:30-ish. I'm the guy with a shaved head, beard, grey tshirt, and probably a black hoodie as well.
posted by russm at 2:28 PM on December 9, 2014

OK I have short brown hair, a shirt with thin blue and white stripes, glasses and a cold. Average height and build.
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That was a good night and good to meet you all. Thanks for arranging things russm, I hope your conference goes well. Enjoy your travelling, Elysum.
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Hey all - it was good to meet you, thanks for coming out for an internet stranger. Cheers!
posted by russm at 1:07 AM on December 11, 2014

Yes. Good to meet you all. Will show up for any future meet-ups if I can make it to them (was the first for me). Sorry for the pizza with grated zucchini instead of cheese (I still liked it). But hey, such is life. If it's the same place next time, hopefully we'll get lucky and can sit outside in the bean chairs. I'll still be ordering disappointing pizza though.
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