NYC/Metro North MeFites meet up
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Sat December 6 at 1:00 PM, Cedar Street Grill
23 Cedar Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Edited to make it a Thing which is Happening. So I'm coming States-side in a bit over a week. It's mostly a family-visiting trip, rather than a tourism trip, and I'll be spending quite a bit of December in Dobbs Ferry. From there, it's pretty easy to get on a train to the city and do meeting type things there too. Anyone feel like meeting up?
I'll be staying with my brother. Thanksgiving will involve travelling to other family in MA, and there will be some other trip(s) to PA in the first week of December, but also a lot of time in Dobbs Ferry/NYC. Probably also the second week of December, although that's a bit less planned.

I think it would be particularly awesome to meet MeFites in the Dobbs Ferry/Ardsley/Hastings/Irvington/Tarrytown area, just because it amuses me to think of my family as surrounded by MeFites. That said, I definitely do want to get into town at some point too, and meeting up with city-based MeFites would be awesome as well.

Things I like doing: playing board games, especially Eurogames/cooperative style games. Eating yummy food. Resisting bookstores, and caving in sometimes. Some museum type stuff. Farmers markets. Going for short wanders in woodsy areas.

Difficulties: not too much walking/standing; I have achilles tendinopathy and not only does it hurt, it's affected my overall fitness so I'm not up to much physical activity without lots of resting involved.

I've never driven in the US, only in Australia, and with snow being a thing that doesn't really happen in Melbourne, I won't be adding that degree of difficulty to driving on the wrong side of the road. So suggestions that are easy to get to via PT and/or things local would be great. And also, what's the etiquette with non-MeFites? If there's a board games thing, for example, can I drag my brother along? He's a total board game geek.
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I'm in Yonkers, just south of the Hastings border so something along the metro north hudson line would be awesome.

I've brought my +1 to meetups in the past (including a monthly boardgames meetup) and it has been fine.
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Excellent! It would be vastly amusing if a MeFi board game meetup turned out to involve people he already knows from gaming.
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I host the monthly board game meetup in the city (we do it at my apartment in Brooklyn, usually on a Saturday). We can coordinate and make sure the December meetup is at a time when you can come.
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I got in an accident recently so a meetup with not too much walking sounds good to me. I would love to come. I am based in the city but could probably come up north too. My +1 comes to all ocherdraco's board game events and is totally welcome so no worries on that end!
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I'm in Riverdale, a few miles south of Dobbs Ferry, so can you keep me in the loop as this is being planned? Never been to such a meetup. Thanks.
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ocherdraco: "I host the monthly board game meetup in the city (we do it at my apartment in Brooklyn, usually on a Saturday). We can coordinate and make sure the December meetup is at a time when you can come."

What part of the month does this normally occur? I'm up the weekend of the 6th staying with one of my sisters in Brooklyn, it'd be fun if it was the same weekend and I could swing it.
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I'm afraid the 6th is not an option for me to host, as I'm going to be out of town. We were discussing this at the most recent meetup this past Saturday, and it's looking like the 20th is going to be the date for the next one at my place.

Of course, others are welcome to host another meetup earlier in the month, if they want.
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Just checking in, on my way tomorrow. At this point I'm thinking there's enough interest to have a meetup locally, earlier than the games day at ocherdraco's. I don't know venues well enough to suggest somewhere though I can consult with my native guides once I arrive. But if anyone has a specific suggestion, go for it! I'm thinking the first weekend in Dec would be a good time.
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I can suggest good eatin' and drinkin' in Harlem if you want to travel. For Yonkers and Riverdale, I defer to my fellow-MeFites north of here. How about Friday the 5th?
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I can't make a weeknight meetup outside the Manhattan/Brooklyn area, shouldnt we be aiming for a weekend mid-day/early evening meetup time so that people outside the Dobbs Ferry to Tarrytown area have time to for the train or drive there?
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I am not free the 5th, am free on weekend, 6-7th.
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Okay, after consultation with my native guides, and no alternative suggestions, how do people fancy getting together on Saturday at the Cedar Street Grill in Dobbs Ferry? We could do an afternoon thing, maybe 1pm? I'm also open to dinner if that suits people better.
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Fine by me.
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I think I can make it. But there are independent variables afoot.
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I should be able to do that. Is it readily accessible from Metro North/could someone possibly pick me up at the station if need be? I can see on the map that it's not terribly far but I don't know if the intervening streets are purely residential or, like, a superhighway.
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It's residential and not very far. However the train station is at the bottom of a hill, the steepness of which varies according to knee problems. Are you okay walking up/downhill? I can do it even with my knees but much more slowly than anyone else in my family. I'm sure we can sort something out if you're not sure.
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I should be able to do some people-ferrying. Can someone post the address of the Metro-North station so I can do some route mapping?
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I thiiiink I can manage a hill at this point. If you're able to come by though, oh yeah!, that'd be great.
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11 Station Plaza between High and Palisades Streets, Dobbs Ferry. If you scroll down and left a little on the map above you should see it.
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Looks like me and the +1 will be able to make it. Although it seems as if I need to stop referring to him as my +1 because he now has his very own metafilter account.
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If anyone wants to join me on the train, let me know; looks like there's one that leaves GCT at 11:51 to get to Dobbs Ferry at 12:31.
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I'll join, both the meetup and the train!
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And another meetup I can't make. We are checking out a car in Brooklyn, in your neighborhood, unannhilated!
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Excellent, I'm glad more people can make it! I'll be there a little before 1 to stake out a suitable table.
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Train problems. :-(
I will probably miss the 11:51, but I'll grab the next one. I'll just walk the hill, no biggie.
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we are on target for a 1pm arrival. the only thing that can stop us is Alton Brown on Netflix and a cute cat who wants to snuggle.
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ferret branca, I'm at the station now, call me when you arrive
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We have a table for six in the back. Two are present.
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Thanks for organizing, Athanassiel, that was fun.
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and the additional magician in the end was definitely interesting.
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No problem, it was great meeting you all! And yeah, spontaneous magician for the win!
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