MeFi Cares: Gift Wrap Meetup!
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This is where and when we get together to wrap the gifts for the annual drive going on over here. Date, time, and location are up for discussion.
[Edited 11/28: So sorry to have to cancel! We're sick and don't want to get MeFites sick.]

Whoa, I'm seriously late in posting this! My apologies; life got seriously away from me.

So this year's delivery date is earlier than usual, December 1. This means that the wrapping party should happen on the weekends of either November 22-23 or November 29-30 (the weekend after Thanksgiving).

I'm willing to host anyone who's willing to come to Riverdale (Bronx). My apartment isn't huge, but depending on the number of people coming, it's probably doable. I'm also willing to transport the gifts to another, probably more convenient, location. This year's haul is really, really big. A looot of stuff.

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I'll keep an eye on this! Will make it to wrap if I can. On maternity leave through 12/8 so I can help with delivery pretty much any time until then (only consistent weekday commitment is preschool pickup at 3).
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Would love to help! Weekend after Thanksgiving would be ideal for me but 22/23 may work as well. Thanks for organizing!
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Aw, man, I'm out of town both weekends. This is usually a highlight of my holiday season, so I'm sad to miss it. Have fun, everyone!
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I'm not sure what my travel schedule is looking like, but I'm putting myself down to see what weekend gets decided on because I'd love to help! I missed out last year, but previous years have been a good time doing something good.
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If we do it on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I think my mom and I could maybe come. :) If not I might try to take the train in for the day but I'm not. We're both good wrappers!
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I am a maybe if it's Thanksgiving weekend. Other weekend is out for me.
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I would love to join if it's Thanksgiving weekend (and you're ok with a new person!).
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Okay, let's do Thanksgiving weekend! So - either my place in Riverdale or some location in Manhattan?
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And yes, new people are definitely welcome! I was actually a new person just last year!
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Oh dang, just realized I can't do it that weekend. Ah well, have fun!
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Aw, I just settled on travel dates so I'll have to bow out. Hope I can do this next year!
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The location is now... Gowanus! I realized while unpacking this stuff that there's no way to fit all of these items (there are so many), a bunch of people, supplies, and wrapping activity in the living space of my apartment. I have four bedrooms, but I feel like people might not want to hang out on my bed and wrap presents.

I have friends with a really big open space in Brooklyn that they're in the process of moving out of. Lots of space. They've really graciously agreed to welcome us and these boxes into their home. The location is a little bit awkward, but it's the best I can do.

Please add yourselves to the attendee list if you'll be coming. If fewer than 5 or so people are definitely coming, I'll either switch back to Riverdale or else just wrap things here myself. Mostly because transporting these things is a really big project. I hope you understand!
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Cool, Gowanus is way more convenient for me but I could still come to Riverdale if it turns out that way. Do you need people to buy giftwrap and tags and things? I'd be happy to do so, or to chip in some $ toward it.
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I have a bunch of rolls of gift wrap and have ordered a mego roll of that brown kraft paper that I generally keep around to wrap stuff with. It isn't as dismal as it sounds when you wrap it all up with colorful ribbons, I promise! I have ribbon on the way and there are labels here somewhere. We have tape and scissors. I'm about to order a big bag for wrapping this BICYCLE that someone awesomely ordered. I'm working on getting someone over to assemble said bicycle, because that's definitely not in my... uh, wheelhouse. Ahem.
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OK, I'm a yes, I'm going to have to bring my kid (I think) but she's 6 and will possibly help. If not, I'll set her up to watch something on netflix on my phone so she won't get in the way either way.
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Looks like I cannot make Saturday, have a great time!
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Hey, all, I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to call off the meet-up. My lovely partner and I have come down with something in the wake of this frigid holiday week and I fear we're contagious. We're slowly chipping away at the mountain of gifts in between things like naps and cups of tea. I hope to meet up with you (and mini-yous) at some point soon!
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Thanks for letting us know, hope you feel better soon.
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Feel better!
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I hope you are better! How did things turn out?
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