Semi-centenary Gig
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Thu October 23 at 8:00 PM, La Dolce Vita
4-5 London Road, London SE1 6JZ, UK (Map & Directions)
I'll be playing a gig on Thursday 23rd October to mark my birthday, which is on Friday. What I didn't realise until recently was that it would engender a combination of performance anxiety, promoter anxiety and pre-party anxiety (what I referred to yesterday as the Neapolitan Ice Cream of anxiety), so now I'm using whatever means I can to spread the information. This may be an abuse of IRL, in which case, sorry.
If we've met up, or even if not, please feel free to come along to say hello, watch, listen and (if you really must) throw soft fruit.

The information on my website is here, the rambling letter I'm sending to people I forgot to tell about it before is here.

I was joking about the soft fruit.
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I wish I could come, but I'm on jury duty at the moment and it's so tiring that I'm falling into bed exhausted by 9.30pm.

But best wishes to you for your birthday, and I'm sure you'll rock the gig. See you next time.
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Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the invite.

Unfortuantely I can't attend, but I hope you have a great one.
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I'd love to, but the day before your birthday is my birthday--small world!--and Mrs. Example and I are going out that evening to see some Jacobean drama because I am a sad nerd like that.

Break a leg, though, or whatever the musical equivalent might be!
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Thanks all! It was an amazing event, for me, anyway. I discovered this last week that I basically run on neurosis, and must find a new energy source. But birthday! And cake!

I got everyone to hum a power chord of A and E. It was amazing.
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