grouse & co. in NYC, 2014 edition
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Sat November 1 at 8:00 PM, Revival
129 East 15th Street, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
It's been a while. My fiancee and I will be in New York City the evenings of Wednesday, 29 October through Saturday, 1 November. We would love to see the awesome New York MeFites! I'm thinking Revival would be a good place to meet on 8 p.m. on Saturday, 1 November.
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The patio might be a little cool this time of year, but it is the season for mulled cider.
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I'm tentatively saying yes, but I'm currently sick so...I may end up staying in bed drinking Theraflu and wishing I was with you all.
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Responding here too in case you didn't get my note! Count me as 85% in because I've also been battling a bad cold for what seems like forever, but otherwise I think some more rest the next few days should have me up and running by the weekend.
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OK, I'll mark it as confirmed. Hope to see you there.
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Huh. I specifically scheduled the Shuffleboard meetup for the 6th, because I thought you were going to do something the week before.
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Somehow I selected the wrong date on the form but have corrected it now. It's November 1, just as I proposed initially.
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OK, cool.
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I will be the first person to boldly commit! A whole 48 hours before the event. Although I'm only sort of committing because I'm not sure what time I'll be there - may be late.
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Wish I could be there! Partly because grouse is so cool and partly because I can't believe Revival is open again! So happy! Met many good Mefite friends there, including my husband.
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See you folks tonight!
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I really do want to come, but I am STILL SICK so raise a glass for me.
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Does anyone have pre-meetup dinner plans? Not sure how crowded Revival will be tonight - extra-full due to the patio being rained out, or quiet due to people having partied out last night for the holiday? I think I stopped at Vanessa's Dumplings on 14th Street for takeout the last time we were at Revival, so I might do that again. (Or I might go have a seat at the bar of my beloved neighborhood Japanese/Italian fusion restaurant Basta Pasta.)
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It turns out I am going to be 2 blocks away at 7 tonight so I have no good excuse not to come. See y'all soon!
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My husband and I will probably be there tonight. For those looking for food beforehand, the restaurant on the corner of 15th & Irving called Ichabod's is owned by the same people who own Revival now & has really good food.
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Ooh, nice menu. Pumpkin soup & braised pork belly sounds good for this gloomy weather.
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I will be arriving later - 9-ish? - so if you would be so kind as to update the thread if yinz migrate.
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We are planning to pick up BaoHaus on the way over.
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We're upstairs, all the way in the back.
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For the record, grouse and Future Mrs. grouse are ADORABLE together. Photographic evidence is forthcoming.
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