Philly board games: THE RETURNENING
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Sun November 9 at 12:00 PM, Frankford Hall
1210 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey everybody- it's been ages since the Philadelphia contingent of Metafilter got together for board games. With the temperature starting to drop, what better time to break out the games again?
Past board game meetups have all been on the weekend and overwhelmingly (maybe exclusively, though I might have missed one) at Frankford Hall in Fishtown. Weekends are still probably going to be best for everyone, but if anyone has a new venue they'd like to suggest to mix it up, we could try that too.
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Yay games! My schedule has been busier than usual, but I plan to attend if possible.
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sundays at frankford hall have worked well for me. The reddit folks even get reserved tables for their 1st & 3rd tuesdays game nights. If we can get enough people signed up ahead of time, might be worth trying to get reserved tables for us.
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My schedule is also fairly tight for the rest of the year but I'll try and make whatever date work. My group has been in love with Power Grid and it would be fun to play that with Mefites.
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I'm down. I vote against the weekend of the first and the 25th is also kinda bad for me. But I'll make it if I possibly can!
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I'm just starting a night shift job, so whether I go will depend on how royally fucked my sleep schedule is. I'll try though!
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How does a tentative date of November 9 at Frankford Hall sound? If the date works, we can finesse the exact timing a little as we get closer.
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The 9th is the one date I absolutely can't do, but I'm super-tentative anyway so don't plan this around me.

(If you do end up meeting up that day and have time in the morning beforehand, come say hi and check out my stuff at Philly Zinefest! 12-6 at the Rotunda in West Philly.)
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9th nominally looks good for me
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I can do that.
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Would the 16th work for everybody, with the 9th as a backup date in case more people can't make it on the 16th?
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The 16th is probably out for me (Eagles at 1, plus bf's mom probably visiting that weekend), but the 9th is pretty clear.
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So maybe the 9th after all? Hopefully we'll be able to find a date that works for everyone for December.
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The more board game events the betterer!
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I'm going to go ahead and set this up for the 9th, since it looks like that's the best date for the most people.
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I'll check with the wife. We'd have to get a babysitter but it might be worth it. We both have enjoyed games like this a lot in the past but haven't done anything in *ages*.
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Just picked up the pooky expansion for red dragon inn, not the wisest use of my moneys, but itching to try him out.
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I've just moved back to Philadelphia, after two years away! Count me in as a definite "maybe".
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Just to the right of the entrance
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Excellent afternoon, thanks guys!
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