Portland, OR meetup?
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Sat October 11 at 6:00 PM, Apex Bar
1216 Southeast Division Street, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey all! I'm going to be in town for a conference in Portland, OR, and I will be at loose ends Saturday, Oct 11. Would love to meet up to drink beer. It's been a few years!
I'm kind of clueless about where I'll be--checking out of the downtown Hilton the morning of the 11th, and staying at a friend's. I'll have to find out the general area where she lives! Last time I was here we met at the Lucky Lab, which seems to be close to my friend's house. I will be carless, lacking knowledge of your transit system, and coming off a few days of conference. I would love to see you!
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Woo! If you're down in close-in SE again there's a ton of great stuff, not that I don't dig Lucky Lab too.
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YAY! I need to find out where my friend's house actually is.
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OK, my friend's house is: "just east of Ladd's Addition between Hawthorne and Division"

She went on to say that these places are close and good:

Baerlic Brewing
Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom

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Also, she just sent me this link
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I haven't been to any of the places you listed, and I'm always up for checking out somewhere new. BeerMongers sounds interesting.
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I live in the south east, of that list your friend suggested Apex has the most interesting selection of beers. Though it is cash only which can be annoying for some people. Beer Mongers is great, but if it's a nice day, Apex has tons of outside tables and is more comfortable for a meet up scenario.
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Rats, just found out I won't be able to make this- I have a geology field trip.
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Bike rental shops in Portland if you need them. Biking is a great way to see the city. Here is a comment of mine listing some resources for biking in Portland.
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So has a location and time been nailed down? My wife and I are planning on attending if everything goes as planned. Just got a motel for the night.
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Yay, Danf!

I'm going to call it for Apex Bar. NB: they don't have food but you can bring it in, and it's cash payment only.

I'm an early bird, so let's say 6:00 p.m.

SO looking forward to it!
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I'm here!
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Yay! Also you seem to currently have the date of the meetup set for Monday the 13th.
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oh shit! thanks.
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I came here early. I am outside, far left as you come in the gate, close to the indoors. There is a wifi network here called "Millard" which is throwing me a bit. Blue long sleeved knit shirt.
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Ha! That is not me. But okay! I think I will head over too, then; be there in 20-30 minutes, in a mefi shirt for anybody who isn't the two of us.
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There is a cat here. She is very cute.
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I am also here and enjoying a beverage.
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Just leaving nopo.
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SO Much fun. Thanks for coming out, everyone!
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Just to follow up: Tried to go to the Screen Door. . .90 min wait. . .so walked up to Holman's on 28th. A dive bar but an excellent breakfast. . .plus bloody mary bar. Will go back there!
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Holman's is great! Strong tactical move, there.
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I ended up suffering without coffee this morning b/c my friends had taken their melitta pourover thingies on their camping trip. Finally a friend picked me up at 11 and she took me to a cafe in the middle of Ladd's. Then we went to Edgefield for lunch and then up the scenic highway to the falls. The big ones, but also the little ones along the way. Was gorgeous. Am very tired now.
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That little cafe in Ladd's is really nice. Daughter used to live on the edge of Ladd's on Hawthorne, and we would walk there. . .
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