Leaf Peeping/Tooling Around New England
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Happy Fall! Is anyone interested in getting out of NYC to check out some fall foliage, get some fresh air and exercise, and eat and drink some pumpkin-y goodness?
Details are sketchy for now - specific activities, exact city and state, how long, when - are all sort of dependent on each other, as well as the weather, when the leaves turn, who's interested...

For now I thought I'd get the ball rolling by polling possible interest and listing currently available dates. If there is some partial availability beyond the dates listed, I put it in parentheses after the date:

Sun Oct 5: day trip (could leave Sat evening, return Mon morning)
Sat Oct 11: day trip (could leave Fri evening)
Mon Oct 13 (Columbus Day): day trip (could leave Sun evening, return Tues morning)
Sun Oct 25-Sun Oct 26: weekend trip (could leave Fri evening, return Mon morning)
Sat Nov 1-Sun Nov 2: (could leave Fri evening, return Mon morning)
Sat Nov 8-Sun Nov 9: weekend trip-could leave as early as Fri afternoon and return as late as Mon morning
Sat Nov 15-Sun 16: (could leave Fri evening, return Mon morning)
Sat Nov 22-Sun Nov 23: (could leave Fri evening, return Mon morning
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In my experience, the later November dates will be kind of foliage-less.
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Wow, I am actually available Oct. 25–26. Anything else, I'd have to ditch or skip multiple things. I could conceivably do Columbus Day, although it's not a vacation day at work (and I don't get PTO), and I'd have to miss a rehearsal for the Off-Broadway gig (which we're really really not supposed to do, since it's an actual paying gig and all).

So that's just me. Hopefully, whatever y'all decide, I can join you for at least part of it. I'll do my best.
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(unannihilated, since my time in NYC is limited I would rather stay closer in for meetups, if you don't mind... so scratch Oct. 19th. But I think this is a cool idea for a meetup - under different circumstances I would be keen to join y'all for an overnight/weekend trip!)
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Consider it stricken! Thanks for the fast response and see you soon!
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Did that trip to the DIA beacon ever happen?

Seems like a day trip on the train up there and back would work.
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Yeah, dude, like a year ago. I don't want to go back.
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At this point, the weekends of Oct. 25-26 and Nov. 1-2 are best. This depends on my work schedule and mlis' moving progress. If the leaves change sooner than later, this may be too late.
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The New York State foliage map, if you want to keep track...
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Wonder if it'd be possible to combine foliage with a visit to the Peekskill brewery...
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I'd be up for a day trip on a Sunday. Would rather not stay overnight, though, unless there's some camping involved. I'm starting to like camping with people.
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I like camping, but the first available full weekend for camping would be Oct. 25-Oct. 26. Might that be too cold for people for camping?

Adding a brewery component would definitely be possible since we'd probably need dinner at some point.
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I would be in for foliage and brews, and a day trip as in not overnight, pretty much any weekend.
posted by ferret branca at 1:00 PM on September 29, 2014

Saturday, October 11th seems like our ideal date for a day trip. Sorry, d.z., I know you said a Sunday, but this Sunday the 5th would be too short of notice to rustle people up, and according to the map that Empress linked to, there won't be much to see yet.

I'm not married to any particular brewery; I'd like to go somewhere near where the views/hiking are nice.
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Well, I'll keep watching this thread. Maybe I'll come on Saturday anyway. Thanks for organizing this.
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11th would be great by me. If you name it and it is possible for me to get there I'll come for sure (assuming the hiking is not extremely hardcore; you know me, I can walk a lot but I am not Super Outdoorsy).
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Oh, actually, I realized Open House NY is the 11th; I may want to do that instead if I can get tickets. Will let y'all know tomorrow.
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Yeah, going to OHNY on 11th. Could do other weekends but understand if you wanna keep it then.
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Ugh, don't hate me (or rely on me too much in your planning), but I was able to switch my OH to the 12th, to leave the 11th free for me to do this. I will refrain from clogging up your thread further...probably.
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Hahaha, well, let's go with the 11th then! Now to decide on venue (brewery/hiking trail...) I'm going to make a separate IRL for this event since it's significantly different than what I proposed. (And I am still open to a weekend somewhere at a later date.) Should I do that and then raise that question there? Or would that be too redundant?
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I think probably raising the question in your new thread makes more sense since people will be able to see it afresh, free from my 100 unhelpful comments!
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Ugh, now don't be the one to hate me, ferret, since you rearranged your weekend, but I've been keeping my eye on the leaf reports - both the one Empress linked to and this one - and it looks like there just won't be very many leaves by Saturday.

Flex was talking about posting an additional meetup on the 19th, but it looks like nothing came of it since I don't see anything on the calendar. So maybe the 19th?
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Hm, that's a Sunday? I could do it provided we don't get back too late.
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? What is making you think there won't be many leaves by Saturday? I'm showing that the Hudson Valley area is only at mid-point of the change now. I was also in Peekskill this past weekend and things were just beginning to turn, so if anything the map is a little ahead of itself.

Although, it is supposed to be quite rainy this coming weekend.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 8:47 AM on October 7, 2014

I meant that there won't be many leaves that have changed color, not that there won't be many leaves on the trees.
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