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Sat October 18 at 8:00 PM, Barcade
148 West 24th Street, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I'll be visiting gaspode Oct. 18-21 & would love to meet up with NYC MeFites again. So how about Saturday night, October 18th? I'm open to suggestions for venue.

ETA Sept. 25: Let's meet at Barcade (their Flatiron location), 8 PM or whenever you get there to join us. Can't wait to meet you all!
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Last time flex visited, we had an afternoon meetup at the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria. Would it be too cold to have an evening meetup there in mid October? It was a lot of fun.
posted by gaspode at 10:06 AM on September 19, 2014

I assume this would be Astoria based?
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It could be. It could be somewhere else awesome if anyone has ideas? I was even (briefly) contemplating karaoke (I don't know what I was thinking, I can't sing for shit) reading the NYC karaoke AskMe today. Somewhere that allows for talking is great.
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Oh yeah, no need for it to be in Astoria. I just threw that out there bc we went to the beer garden last time with flex, and t'was fun. Anywhere is cool.
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I'm in, wherever it ends up!
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+1 vote for astoria in case I may be able to make it. :)
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What about Mosaic? It's just a couple blocks west of the beer garden and it's a convivial place. (I watched a few GoT episodes there with a friend.)
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I'd like to come but Astoria pretty much guarantees I will not. I've just been back for a month, so not tons of suggestions yet, but ... Manhattan would be nice.
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Then we need suggestions. I don't know Manhattan bars at all.
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gaspode, is Mosaic where we walked over to after the last beer garden meet-up in August 2013? Food was very good and the atmosphere was relaxed.

I think the beer garden is a good idea b/c we can spend a lot of time there comfortably.

Astoria sounds good b/c flex is only in town for a short visit and she might have things to do early on Sunday so staying close to gaspode's makes sense.
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Well, you know, if gaspode doesn't mind it, we could do Astoria on Saturday night & also brunch on Sunday which could be in Manhattan? Or we could do something in Manhattan Saturday night, and brunch in Astoria or beer garden in the afternoon on Sunday? How does that sound? You know I'm always keen on maximizing the amount of meeting up, so whatever works for the most people is how I roll. And I don't really know NYC so I like the opportunity to see new places & try new things.
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I am cool with whatever.

mlis, we went to Fatty's after the beer garden last time. That restaurant has since moved a mile or two away.
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I just moved back so I have no idea ... so I will withdraw my suggestion and just see you all next time around.
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Barcade on 24th St has been suggested. I think that's a great idea. What do you think, flex? Make a time and make it official?
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Fantastic. Let's say 8 PM at Barcade.
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oh god I love that location because they have an old school Lunar Lander cabinet with a big ol' throttle handle #byenerds #ifyouneedmei'llbeinspace #inmymind
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I didn't realize until today that this was for the Chelsea Barcade - they have a food menu, yay!
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Joust is broken there, use the left joystick.
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Because I am super lame and haven't yet finished my work for the class I'm teaching tomorrow, I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. Have fun, guys!
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Just walked in - all of the tables are occupied, I'm at the end of the bar furthest from the entrance.
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Oh, and for anyone I haven't IRLed before, I am the redhead eating tater tots.
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I'm with oh yeah! This place is PACKED — anybody else here?
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Nearly there
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computech and I are not able to make it tonight but are looking forward to the meet-up tomorrow.
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Should we change locations? We have quite a big group coming.
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We'll probably need to relocate eventually, but we've got our little pocket of the bar.
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That was fantastic. So lovely to have seen everyone - what a great night! Thank you for such an enjoyable meetup =)
posted by flex at 11:35 PM on October 18, 2014

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