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Sat September 13 at 7:00 PM, The Queen's Secret Improv Club (at the Secret Theater)
44-02 23rd Street, Long Island City, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I haven't posted a show here in a while, but this one's kind of a big deal! My new team, Shiva†, is making their debut with two other new teams (and two established ones) at the Queen's Secret Improv Club.
This is start of something big. The Queen's Secret Improv Club at the Secret Theater in (you guessed it:) Queens has created their first ever musical house teams. What does that even mean? We will not only improvise scenes, but we will repeatedly break into song until we have improvised a brief musical, start to finish. We have a pianist and a team of talented improvisors (and singers) who will collaborate to make up every note, lyric, spoken line, facial expression, and possibly even some odors, on the very spot, right in front of you. And there will be FIVE of those. The law of averages says that at least one of them will have to be good.

And, if that doesn't sound like enough fun, there will be a mixer at 10. That's where anyone can sign up and get on stage with an experienced improvisor who will help you shine like the Broadway star you were always meant to be. (We will not pull you onto stage if you do not want to; you have to sign up. If you're the kind of person to worry about that sort of thing.)

QSIC's in Long Island City, only one stop into Queens on most subway lines. It's convenient to the 7, E, M, + G (to Court Sq.), or the N + Q (to Queensboro Plaz).

facebook event page with details, directions, etc.

subject to change… we'll probably change it to something that's initially clever and then sort of wears thin pretty quickly, like 'Gloria Steineminem'
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