St. Louis!
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Wed September 17 at 7:00 PM, Tick Tock Tavern
3459 Magnolia Avenue, St. Louis, MO, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi everyone! I was thinking it was high time we did another meetup, and I was thinking maybe we could do it at this new lovely bar that just opened in my neighborhood. I'm talking about Tick Tock, which opened maybe two weeks ago. It's got lots of space, a good selection, and is right next to Steve's Hot Dogs.
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Next Monday is bad for me. All Mondays and Thursdays are bad for my wife. March 15th was bad for Julius Caesar.
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We'll try to make whenever!

(Oddly enough, Tick Tock is the new venture from the guy who owns the Royale, one of MeFi's favorite meetup spots!)
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Ooh, this place looks fantastic. That said, things are incredibly hectic right now with classes getting into full swing and moving house (from U City to Brentwood, but still) in ten days, so don't plan around me. Depending on how much I can get accomplished this weekend, I may be able to make it, though.
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Tic Toc is a real fun time. Count me in.

Important note: Cash-only bar -- so hit the ATM before you head up. Put me down as "glad to attend", with a +1 (or perhaps a few more).
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I'll put myself down as a maybe? Depends on the date. Unfortunately I have a lot of random meetings and stuff going on next week.
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I'm pretty busy with a new job these days, but I could make a Monday other than the 15th and any Wednesday. That's about it for the foreseeable future, which I realize is pretty difficult to accommodate. If other nights work better for other folks, I'm okay to sit this one out.
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Oh right, I forgot to go to this thread earlier. Hi! A Wednesday would be great for me, and the Tick Tock Tavern sounds good.
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That's do next Wednesday! That seems like it is good for everyone?
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I have class Wed evenings, but it's right down Grand from there. I'll try to swing by after for a beer and a hot dog. It'll be closer to 8:00, though. Looking forward to it!
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Great meetup! A+++ would meet up again soon!!!
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