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Thu September 18 at 4:30 PM, The Mason
416 South Park Street, Madison, WI, USA (Map & Directions)
So, I've arrived in Madison (thanks for all the helpful answers to my Ask!) and I was wondering if anyone wanted to have a meet-up over a beer or two. I don't have a time or place in mind but somewhere near the university would be most convienient for me. Date-wise I was thinking sometime in the next couple weeks. Update: Thursday, 18 September, 4:30, at The Mason (416 S Park Street). I'll update next Thursday with how you can recognize me.
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I have a crazy schedule at the beginning of the school year but I'll try to join in if I can! (I also like campus / near west area....)
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Welcome! I don't drink (I know--weird for this area) but would be happy to meet up sometime where others can get a beer or two, and find out how things are going post-move. I've lived in Madison most of my life and may be able to answer more questions...(or, I'm a librarian so theoretically if I don't know the answer, I can find it...)
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Welcome to Madison!

I would also like to attend! For me, a Monday or Thursday afternoon or evening would work well. (or Sept. 16, a Tuesday, which I weirdly have free).

In nice weather, the Union would be perfect-- plenty of space, food and drink, and great people watching.

For indoor locations, a Monday or Tuesday evening would be pretty not-busy at Brasserie V on Monroe. Another close-to-campus option is The Mason on Park Street.
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The Mason is very nice, and handy to both campus and not-so-campus areas.
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Brasserie V is 4 blocks from my house so obviously I vote for it! But Mason is also close to me. (The last one was at the Malt House and by the time I made it way out east everybody was leaving!)
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I'd love to come to a late afternoon/early evening thing, after this week is over! Haven't been to the Mason yet and it would be convenient for me (anything downtown/campus would be).
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Late afternoon/evening would be best for me too. How about 4-6 or 7? Does that give people enough time to get there after work? Is 4 too early to start? I'll need to head home early-ish because of the dog and I have the flexibility to start early, but I don't mind sitting around with a beer and a book.

The Union does sound great but I don't think we can count on the weather.

Both The Mason and Brasserie V sound good to me. It looks like The Mason is closed on Monday so our options are (I'm scheduling it quickly because why not):

Thursday the 18th at The Mason (cooler looking place, no food)
Monday the 15th at Brasserie V (assuming it gets too busy later in the week) (complaints about the food but has food)

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4-6 or 7 works for me, too, and I am free on the 15th or 18th.

I like both places, as well.

I guess I'm easy this time around!
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I'm driving back up to Madison from Los Alamos that week. There's some small chance I'll be there and not too tired from driving on the 18th, but it's far from a sure thing.
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The 15th or 18th should work for me too. Knowing reality, I'm more likely to make it to the Mason since it is closer to my house.
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I think I should probably make the call since the dates are coming quickly. I'm going with the 18th at Mason, 4:30-6:30. Hope to see you all there!
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Actually, sorry, since this was floated my schedule has filled and I'm now booked then -- next time!
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Wish I could come! Another time...
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Ugh .. Life happened. Next time.
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(I feel like I'm doing some weird reveal - and I did put effort into my outfit today! I wanted it to be easy to describe and recognize. Now I'm sorry I didn't get a Metafilter shirt. And I forgot my aeropress and copy of The Gift of Fear)

I'll be in a teal/turquoise blouse thing with my hair in a ponytail. Also I'll either be reading my orange and moth Kindle or it'll be on the table in front of me. Plus checking my phone for updates to the thread.

Looking forward to meeting folks!
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I have another thing to do right at 4:30, but I'll check in and see whether you're still there afterward!
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I've arrived and am sitting, well it's me and a guy at the bar. I'm not the guy at the bar.
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Oh no, it got late! It seems unlikely that y'all are still there. I hope you had a great time!
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Thanks for coming guys! We'll definitely have to have another meet-up next month
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Yomimono, next time
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I completely missed this (but was at a work meetup with Tiny Madaminette). Next time, indeed.
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