Second Second Tuesday Lunch-Up
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Tue September 9 at 1:00 PM, Cafecito
26 East Congress Parkway, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
This one is for phunniemee: Cafecito at 26 East Congress (Please let me know if you meant the one at 7 N Wells--I don't think you did--and I'll fix it). Shall we take our lunches to Grant Park or Pritzker Park?
Also, I think for October, we're going to go to Eataly.
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By Monday the 8th you mean Tuesday the 9th, right?

Also, yes, this is the correct Cafecito. NOW BEGINS DIFFICULT DECISION TIME! Do I want a cubano or a guava q? Or something else? Aaaaahhhh!
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You did note the "crush can't read a calendar" tag, did you not?
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Darnit, I have to lead a "webinar" that afternoon and the chance that I'll be furiously editing my powerpoint slides right up until go time is really high. Next month, hopefully!
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You did note the "crush can't read a calendar" tag, did you not?

Missed that but now expect to see it on every meetup tag list!

It's like every time I send an invite for some work thing through outlook and manage to click a date in the past. Outlook of course pops up a thing being like "hey are you sure this date is in the past" and then I just blithely click ok and then wonder where my calendar appointment went.
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I swear I am amazed I have a professional reputation as even remotely competent, given the number of times I confirm appointments for Day of the Week, TOTALLY WRONG DATE, correct Month.
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It may actually help your professional reputation in some eyes. In my experience, the people you want at your meetings are usually the people who can't use their calendar properly, which is frustrating when you are trying to get them to your meetings.

(I can consider this from both the viewpoint of a meeting inviter who gets it right and an invitee who gets it wrong.)
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I've been unexpectedly expected at a noon meeting. So I may not make it but I will try.
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Grabbing sandwiches now, then over to the park.
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So there was a bit of confusion when I went back to complain about being given wrong sandwich, with much discussion with the guys working the kitchen. I was like, "Oh shit, what did I start here?" but then the manager explained that they change their special daily and gave me a refund. I told him all I wanted was another sandwich, which I got, but he insisted on the refund so I slipped it into the tip jar.

The replacement sandwich was delicious; I just ate it for dinner.
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