Arizona Science Center meetup
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Fri October 3 at 6:15 PM, Arizona Science Center
600 East Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ, USA (Map & Directions)
Come join us at Adults' Night Out at the Arizona Science Center, doors open 5:30-9 pm Friday October 3. Entrance is free. We will do dinner beforehand at 6:15 at the nearby Rose and Crown, and head over to the ASC around 7:30.
Previous description:
I am in Tempe, AZ from now until October 13 (when I leave for Copenhagen). It'd be great to meet up with some of you local Arizonans before then! Best dates for me are September 15-October 12. Is there anything fun to meet up at in late September or early October?
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I don't know about events, but our past meetup attempts have not been tremendously successful in terms of getting finalized planning. Maybe it's time to try again like for real this time?
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Yeah, this summer was complicated for me. I have a busy schedule this semester, but would love to have another get-together if we can work it out.

I know zero about Tempe, though, so someone else is going to have to make the suggestions.
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Doesn't have to be Tempe, we could definitely go somewhere else. I will be able to do more planning myself starting say Sept 14 or so.
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I'm in ... I'm open to any area though Tempe is a drive for me. Sept. 14 also works well.
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The 14th itself won't work for me, as I'm gone that weekend, but that's when I can be less of a space cadet and actually start some planning. If someone else wants to be less spacey and plan now, I'm all for it.
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I'm too busy to drive up to Tempe at the moment, but will certainly come if yall end up closer to or in Tucson. Many good hikes to be had or just meeting up for a drink or food. We could go to one of the Friday trivia nights at Maker House (tho it looks like they might be taking the first two Fridays in October off.)
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I would love to participate in this, but my fall semester is shaping up to be completely batshit insane, so if someone else could take on the (very mild) onus of organizing, that would be great.

Also, dahliachewswell, I haven't been Tucson yet, but I really want to visit. I might hit you up by Mefi mail for recs when I do, if that's okay.
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Ok I'll get on organizing when I get back on Monday. Maker House does look pretty great, but it is a drive from here for sure. Is there anything interesting between here and Tuscon?
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Hi guys! I'm in for a meetup in Tempe or Tucson.

If we do Tucson, I do need to know fairly early to be able to plan it. Would it be possible to carpool to Tucson? (I have a car, if anybody is interested.)
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I'd be there for sure if it's in Tucson, and possibly in Phoenix. I'll look forward to it.
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Woah .... There's a pretty significant difference between a Tempe meet up and one in Tucson. I could do Tempe. Not so sure I'd be willing to make a two-hour drive. Maybe two separate events?
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Yeah, Tucson is really hard for me to swing, especially during the school year. I agree they would work better as two separate events.
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Yup, I think Superplin and nubianinthedesert are right; Tuscon's pretty far for us Tempe/Phoenix folk. I vote we plan a Tempe thing, and maybe separately also a Tuscon thing-- I might myself be down in Tuscon in the next couple weeks anyhow.

So, for folk in for Tempe, what days/times are best for you? I was sorta thinking I'd like to try out a local event or food place. (I've got until October 12th myself).
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I can do most any night except I'll be in Vegas from the 20 - 23rd of this month. (For a conference, sadly, not to gamble away my meagre salary.)
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I could do most nights, but only until October 5th, then my nights get busy again.
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How do people feel about the Arizona science center's free event this friday?
Adults' night out?

If that timing doesn't work for people, I could be available on monday, Tuesday, or wednesday night, either this week or next.
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Oh man nat that sounds AMAZING. The AZ Science Center is super fun (it's also on the lightrail, which is nice for those of us who hate driving downtown.)
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Ok, that's at least 2 of us (plus my plus one) who are interested! I think I'll go ahead and post this as our event so it gets put back up on the main page.

Is there any interest in dinner before hand? It looks like the doors are open from 5:30-9, but I think I'd like to grab food before starting a little later on.
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I love that idea in theory, but... it's my birthday, and I have plans. Part of those plans involve being downtown for First Friday-type stuff later in the evening, so depending on the timing it's not impossible that I could connect with you folks (also because I have, embarrassingly enough, never been to the AZ Science Center). However, I'd have some non-Metafilter people in tow, which pushes the whole thing into overly complicated territory, I fear.

Sorry to miss it, because it sounds like a real treat.
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Ok, I have to work until 7 or 7:30 Friday, but if you guys are going to get dinner before you go, I might be able to meet up with you at the Science Center, depending on when you plan on arriving there.
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Dinner sounds great! I am pretty much free on Friday. I may bring a +1 as well.
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Hmm.. Pizzeria Bianco is right near by, but it has a reputation of having a terrible wait. Any better local suggestions?
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I've never heard anything particularly good about Pizzeria Bianco in light of the crazy long wait times. Since the Science Center is on the lightrail, though, we could hit a different stop on the rail line for dinner if needed.

Sadly I don't spend much time in Phoenix proper so I don't have many suggestions, but I'm game for just about anything.
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Looks like Nobuo at Teeter House (Japanese fusion) is right there; it gets good reviews and takes reservations, but I don't know how well it would work out if people want to show up whenever.

There's also the nearby Rose and Crown, which has pub food and gets decent reviews; it's probably simpler for meeting up.

I don't really know the lightrail, but there's this website which talks about food along it.
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Oh and Superplin and Weeping_angel- sorry to (possibly) miss both of you. I think we'll plan on dinner c. 6, and heading over to the museum more like 7-7:30. I'll have my smartphone too so we can try to pick a place to meetup if either of you (or anyone else!) wants to join later.
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I've never actually been to the Rose and Crown so I'd be willing to give it a shot!
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Ok, let's start at R+C. What time works for you?
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Do you want to hit Rose and Crown around 6:15 with the idea of moseying on over the Science Center around 7:30? I'll be wearing my Metafilter t-shirt so I should be easy to spot!
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Sounds good! I'll update the description at the top. See you around 6:15, then.
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FYI- seems that tickets are free but they want us to RSVP. I printed out 6 tickets, so we have a few; I'll have email and whatnot on my phone so if anyone needs to grab one let me know. (I expect since they're free it's not a huge deal but I have no real idea).
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I'm here at a table by the front entrance, drinking Angry Orchard and randomly eyeballing likely-looking strangers. Looking forward to meeting ya'll!
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We are headed over to the Science Center now. See you there!
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Sorry I missed it! I ended up having to cancel my birthday plans due to a case of... I'm not sure what flavor of bug, but a nasty kind.

Hopefully schedules and health will coincide better for the next meetup.
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Thanks for coming out, nat and Oliver! I really needed a break and it was great to see you both.
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