Happy Hour at The Mix in downtown Tacoma
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Wed September 3 at 5:30 PM, The Mix
635 Saint Helens Avenue, Tacoma, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Update: First weekly Tacoma meetup will be Wednesday, September 3, at 5:30pm at The Mix.
There seems to be a lot of interest in a regular Tacoma MetaFilter Meetup, so here's a post to facilitate organizing that. :)

Hi, y'all! While I was in Washington there seemed to be a LOT of interest in a Tacoma-area MetaFilter Meetup. Meanwhile, there was also a LOT of interest from the bartender at The Mix in a regular group meeting there for Happy Hour (when I showed up at 4pm on Tuesday I was his first customer of the day since opening at 2pm, so adding a MetaFilter Meetup during happy hour would definitely not overwhelm them). My impression is that Monday-Thursday shouldn't be a problem at all and Friday-Sunday are still doable if someone shows up early (i.e. ~5pm) to claim a table for the group.

The Mix is an hetero-friendly gay bar in downtown Tacoma with an exceptionally long Happy Hour (2pm - 7pm) and great Happy Hour specials (e.g., $3.50 pints of Black Butte Porter and other draft beers, and I think mdn said she was only charged $1.50 for her well drink cocktail?). Weekly events include free pool on Tuesdays, all-day happy hour on Wednesdays, and karaoke (beginning at 9pm) on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Its central downtown location is also a great jumping-off point for dinner elsewhere or attending downtown Tacoma's various arts events. On a personal note, every time I have been there the bartenders have been super-friendly and the service has been impeccable despite me being a hetero cis woman (i.e., NOT their target demographic) -- I don't even live in the state anymore but I would still put The Mix onto my Top 5 Favorite Bars list.

So, based on my 20+ years experience of organizing meetups for various organizations and subcultures, I am 99.7% confident that a weekly Tacoma MetaFilter Meetup at The Mix would be a success. Thus, I have made this IRL post to prod y'all into making it happen.

If you live or work in Tacoma, are 21+ years old, and are interested in attending a regular happy hour MetaFilter meetup, PLEASE COMMENT with the day(s) that generally work for you and what time (e.g., 4pm, 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm etc.) you could arrive at The Mix in downtown Tacoma.

Happy drinkies! :)
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Mon-Fri, about 530
posted by the man of twists and turns at 8:40 PM on August 21, 2014

Hey, thanks for coordinating this thing you can't attend :)

In order of preference, for me: Tues or Thurs ~6:30; Wed or Fri at like 5:30; Mon ~6:30; Saturday; Sunday.

I live SE of Puyallup so Tacoma is a bit of a hike but worth it for fun times!

Also, rereading, DOLLAR FIFTY COCKTAILS? I'm in.
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Note: Wednesday seems to have a clear advantage in that Happy Hour prices don't end at 7pm, so if that works for everyone then that would be my suggestion... (but as librarina pointed out, I can't attend so it's totally up to y'all what you want to do)
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Oh my goodness it would be so great to have A Thing for South Sound MeFites. I could do any day M - Th, 5-ish, but I'd be maybe a once a monther because I have a tiny baby to care for.

Have not been to The Mix but it sounds awesome!
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I'll be in tacoma from the 26th to the 8th, I'll come by the mix any day that works for everyone. LMK.
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If this became a regular thing I might come up from Olympia once in a while.
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I too might come up from Olympia once in a while! Young childrens keeps me home a lot, and it sucks driving north during rush hour...but I do like Tacoma!
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I could do Wednesdays. Prob not every week here either, because of many non-human critters to take care of, and a ridiculous commute to work that leaves me exhausted.

I'm already scheduled to be oversocialized for next week, but how about Wednesday September 3rd? Annika, could you make that?

Maybe we could alternate with a kid-friendly place? There's a restaurant in Seattle that has like a sunken pit with a bar-level table all around it. Kids go in this pit area with toys and books and such, and parents and others can sit around and watch them brawl or whatever while drinking beer. Is there anything like that that doesn't require active kid management in Tacoma?
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Also I'm kind of obsessed with the La Fuente taco truck in Nisqually so maybe we should have a combined Tac/Oly meetup there.
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The downtown Tacoma location is totally ideal for me, but I also have the baby complication. Once the semester starts, my partner will be teaching T/Th eve so I wouldn't be able to do a bar those nights, but M/W would work, and if we alternated with a family-friendly place, I'd have +1.5.

One nearby option: The Hub's happy hour has $3 pints & some decent food options too, and upstairs at least is a fine place to park a stroller.
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OK y'all, I propose Wednesday the 3rd, 5:30, at The Mix, kid-free, with the next installment at a kid-place.

Jacqueline, can you change this to a proposed location meetup? (THANK YOU again for organizing from afar!)
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done! glad to be of help! :D

(someone local should set up future ones, though)
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All right, I've put it in my calendar, but, I have a dentist's appt on Tuesday so it will depend how that goes for me. Maybe I'll look after the kid & send my partner instead...

( ALthough: if any of you have advice on dentists in the area please send me a me-mail - I basically just chose this guy out of a phone book for a major toothache... )
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I could've sworn I commented this morning but now I don't see it. Stet and I will be there, and Annika Cicada will be joining us for a bit. mdn, twists and turns: Hope you can also make it! I have glasses and a ponytail and a pink sweater. Memail me if you can't find us.
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We're here and in back by the pool table.
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Good to meet you both and thanks to whoever paid for our drinks!
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