DC summer board and card games meetup
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Sun September 14 at 2:00 PM, The Board Room
1737 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm not saying you should wear your straw boater after Labor Day, but I am saying that summer doesn't actually end until autumn starts, so we've still got a few weeks to squeeze in a summer gaming meetup.
Confirmed for September 14 at The Board Room.
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I'm free all the proposed weeks. Huzzah!
posted by C'est la D.C. at 5:13 PM on August 21, 2014

Not to hijack, but my local weekly boardgaming group, DC Game Night (dcgamenight.org, which redirects to our FB group) is celebrating our seventh birthday with a four-day orgy of boardgaming from the 28th to the 31st. Feel free to glom onto that. It's not Mefi-specific, but we're very welcoming to new people, lots of gamers, lots of games. Three of those days/nights are at my apartment, one is at SoHo.

Seriously, if this is considered spam, I apologize and delete as appropriate. But if you're looking for a location that isn't the Board Room (which is kind of loud and dark for actual gaming), I recommend SoHo Tea and Coffee in Dupont (22nd and P). Nice space, near to the Metro, large tables, a management friendly to gamers. I've been going there for seven years to play boardgames.
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Four of us have a D&D session on the 13th so we wouldn't be able to go then because the DM is a harsh, cruel woman and will glare at them a bunch if they blow it off (it is I! I am the DM!).

The 7th sounds the best to me out of those dates I think if it's good for other people.
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Yay! I'm free every day but the 13th.
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I can't do the 7th or the 13th. If it's held then please yell at whatever's on TV in my stead.
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Unsure of my schedule at this point, but I know that only the 13th or 14th are possibilities.
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14th would probably be okay to make sure troika can come; no one can ever replace her in my heart for for TV yelling.
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Okay, looks like the 14th works for the most folks, so I'm setting it for then. X-Himy, thanks for the info about your group!
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And the Bills play the Dolphins that day so there will be a lot of yelling.
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We should be at our usual tables right behind the first floor bar. Looking forward to seeing you all!
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Actually, we're upstairs, at the front section of the balcony. They have a bunch of new games, including Dominion, so check out the cabinet on your way in. I have laid claim to Pirate Fluxx for us.
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