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Thu September 11 at 6:00 PM, Green Dragon
928 Southeast 9th Avenue, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
myself and smasuch are in town for XOXO from September 10th to 14th. Let's hang out?
it's pretty much what it says on the tin. We're staying near but not at the Jupiter, our XOXO passes mean we're free during the day, and we'll have a car, but if we're going to have drinks it would be best not to drive.
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should mention: I imagine there are more than just Steve and I, but I don't know who off the top of my head.
posted by heeeraldo at 10:23 PM on August 17, 2014

I decided to save my money this year, which is fortunate because some friends are organizing CAT BarCamp on the 13th.
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I'm full-on XOXOing with the conference pass, but if this happens when I can make it then by gosh I'll make it.
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I will be there with a Festival pass. The venue this year is different than last year, but there are still plenty of places within walking distance.
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I am some combination of working the etsy booth (if we have one? no one knows ), volunteering, and just hanging around like a sponge. So that's a yes please if I'm not already doing 16 things. :)
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I'll be in town (though not XOXOing) and should be able to make to that area, but my schedule is still in flux right now, so that's a yes if the schedule works out.
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sorry about the lack of motion, gang; I was away for three weeks of training for work and this totally slipped my mind.

looking at the schedule and in the interests in accommodating people doing both Festival and Conference adventures, how does the afternoon or early evening of Friday the 12th sound? I'm imagining us having a couple of beers or an early dinner, going some (re)introductions, and developing a hand signal to get out of conversations with strangers, where needed.
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I am also up for getting out and doing something. I am also renting a car and doing the conference pass.
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now that the schedule is up, maybe Thursday makes more sense. I'm going to say the Green Dragon at 6, and then we can head over to the XOXO opening party anytime after 7?

locals: does the green dragon require reservations on a Thursday?
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As far as I know, Green Dragon doesn't even really do reservations, though I suppose I've never tried to make any; it's a pretty big space and there's a bunch of tables inside and a big patio with tables outside if it's not raining, and it's usually a sort of a self-organizing first-come-first served deal. Historically we haven't had a lot of trouble getting a group sitting down together on a whim on not-a-beautiful-Saturday-afternoon, though the size of our Maybe list right now makes it hard to make any real solid statements about what will vs. won't be doable. Assembling as loosely affiliated small groups is probably what would work best if a lot of people do show up.

One thing I'll say is the grub at Green Dragon is pretty good but it's not super fast, so if your goal is to get in and out reasonably promptly I'd either (a) show up on the dot or a bit early and get a food order in promptly or (b) just plan to eat before or after so you can mostly focus on beer and how-ya-doings without any real time pressure.
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This is too early for me to get back into town after work on a Thursday. I'll simplify your "maybe" list by one. have fun!
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Thought I could make this and then I remembered how crappy traffic is on a Thursday! But I will see you all at the event!
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How far is the xoxo thing from GD? I am not going to xoxo but have a friend in town who is and may stop by the mefi thing.
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It's two blocks away. Practically a quantum superposition!
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after a hilarious detour through downtown Seattle that let us avoid the multi-accident clusterfuck of the I-5, we're still on the road and not projected to get into the city until just before 6, at which point we've got to check in and then make our way over.

so, uh, in the grand tradition of me and Portland meetups, I'm going to be late; could someone grab a table?
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We have a table inside. Look for the folks looking at their phones.
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We have largely queued up now at the giant double line outside The Redd.
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