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Sat August 30 at 12:55 PM, Cineplex Cinemas
10 Dundas Street East, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON M5B 0A1, Canada (Map & Directions)
Toronto Whovian Mefites: Let's watch the new Doctor on a big screen!
So in the obligatory "let's talk about Doctor Who" portion of the board game meetup, we noted that Deep Breath, the season premiere, is playing in theatres here. So let's go together!


Everyone agrees that Saturday is best, so we'll go with that. And by way of flipping a coin, I decided on the Yonge/Dundas theatre. I will see all of you lovely people a bit before 1!

previously on: let's watch Dr. Who:
Here [pdf] is the theatre listing. Looks like our options are Monday the 25th at 7:30 or Saturday the 30th at 12:55. I'm a little partial to the Saturday one on the theory that afterwards we will want to hang out and complain/exult, but don't really care either way.

Also, thoughts on theatre? I don't know what's good or really care.
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I could maybe do the Saturday date. Yonge-Dundas is the most central and transit friendly of the options, though it may also be the smallest actual theater. Most of the auditoriums there aren't huge.
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I would agree for August 30th rather than the 25th because Mondays tend to be bad in terms of work, for me.

One of the three downtown theatres would be my preference. The Scotiabank Theatre will have lots of places nearby for congregating afterwards - hell, I believe they have a bar in the theatre itself. Other than that, Yonge/Eglington and Yonge/Dundas are also both easy to get to by transit. (If we decide on Yonge and Dundas we could even reconvene at Roll Play, ha.)
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Also a vote for downtown! I can do either date, but need to change a meeting if it is the Monday! Wheeeeee!
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I did not purchase my ticket yet. Is that a mistake???
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I would doubt it? I *just* bought mine because why not, but wasn't planning on getting it until Saturday anyways.

My hunch is that the majority of people who are willing to see DW in theatres would go either Monday night or will go later on Saturday.
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